Dec. 24 thankyou


Wanted to post a thank you to the individual who left a box of decoys at the Howey ave boat launch on Christmas Eve morning. I was launching the boat with my son (a new apprentice hunter) who thought somebody had left a box of garbage by the sign. It was a great start to our hunt when he discovered a note that said "free decoys to somebody who would use them." He has now started his own decoy spread, which I think will continue to grow in the future. Thanks. R. Smith


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nice to read your appreciation of a thoughtful gift of giving decoys to a fellow duckhunter that would use them...
just to share a similiar story, I still remember today the bag of mallard decoys we left there at the end of the howey rd boat access to the marsh spot.. back almost 30 years go...It was not intentional as we did forget to load them up for the trip home. we didn't realize we left them behind until we got home, so I did make a small effort by calling the LP Waterfowl Unit to see if they might have been turned in....and I also left a return phone number...I didn't get a response back. so I summed it up where i felt the decoys found there way into new ownership with fellow duck hunters that were happy to get them...
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