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When fishing with the kids on Sunday off old cut we saw a flock of cormorants fly towards Big Creek area. Is there a colony over there somewhere?

Brian (Legend Man)
As far as I'm aware, there are no cormorants breeding in the Long Point area. Cormorants don't breed until they're 3-yrs-old, so the flocks that we see here are most likely non-breeders.
One thing is for sure.............where there are cormarants there are baitfish. Fishing LBP for 20 years I have to say the population of these birds is increasing rapidly. Always lots on the bluffs mid summer but have never seen any nests.....definatly a southern migration bird.

Yes, FP, the cormorant population in Ontario has increased greatly in the past 20 years and the they are damaging fisheries in many areas, e.g., Georgian Bay, St. Lawrence River, small lakes in central ON. It's probably just a matter of time until they start nesting on Long Point unless Canadian Wildlife Service personnel ensure that doesn't happen.;);)
Is it lack of natural predators beinging the numbers up so high on these birds ?
Does anyone know why the huge jump in their numbers ?

They are everywhere in Burlington/Hamilton Bay
8a few nest out further on the point but not like on superior one isle is destroyed of veg. growth the crap is waist deep:(
Iwas fishing off the rocks in Burwell on tuesday and seen a flock of about 20 fly over towards the longpoint way and then a couple single ones after that.
Fisherman -- are you sure that there are cormorants nesting out on the Point? If so, please let me know where the location is because there are some "people" who really need to be informed about it (if you get my drift....)
Heres a 2005 article says! there are over 500 000 of these birds in the great lakes and they devour 42 million lbs of fish a year!
Not good for us fisherman.
I do my part in the fall ;)We see hundreds of them, seems like they are moving closer to the inner bay. Only use to see them out at the bluffs.
Should there be a "cull" allowed by the CWS I'm quite sure that waterfowlers everywhere will gladly donate some shotshells to the cause !
why cant we just have an open season on them and shoot them alllllll.[:(!]our fishig will benifit from this.
Let the charter guys offer "cormoreet" shooting and kiss them goodbye!
Cormorants are not Federally protected and it's legal to shoot them in New Brunswick ( they do make a big splash :D ). However, despite pressure from the OFAH for the Province to list them along with crows and blackbirds as "unprotected species", MNR has refused to do so.
Maybe we should sweeten the pot by offering to buy a special permit allowing us to shoot 5 or 10 or 15,20 cormorants with the proceeds going to the MNR bank account ?
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