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I hope members had a chance to see our own Camoguy (Al Gallagher ) on a goose hunting trip to Cornwall on Canada in the Rough on the weekend .The word is that some Hollywood producers have noted his appearance with plans for him to have his own show.
Appparently they have him pegged to be the lead in "Long Point CSI". Where he and his "crack team of investigators "or is it his team of investigators on crack -- not sure -- will look into kills shot in the Unit to determine which hunter actually shot the bird in cases where there is some question or whether the bird was shot within accepted range -35 yards and under and not 50 plus (Glen?).There may be some spin-off shows covering bass fishing and turkey hunting.
It was good that Camoguy's shooting was on that day or we may have been up for some ridicule from other hunters.
I was impressed with how slimming the corn stalks are !!
If you look close you will see me back in the corn backing him up !

That was for the "high " birds that they would miss Glen.Your ability to make those long shots will pay dividends .I remember seeing Erin Everingham using an old bolt action shotgun with a 34" barrel drop 2 beautiful drake pintails in mid-December at around 50 yards up. The birds were prime mounting birds and it wasn't 2 with 1 shot but 1 at a time twice I guess they thought they were high enough and safe.
Next fall on the "Youth Hunt " Al will have to deal with the autograph seekers and in his dreams the "Groupies ".
Hey sonny did you get out for the late goose season ? We put a real hurting on them in my area the problem was we kept getting turkeys walking out into the decoys got some good pictures of that .

Glen,I didn't want to mention the fact that you were backing me up. It's amazing what they can do with a good camo jacket, a couple of corn stalks and a can of spray paint.

What you didn't see was that is was me doing most of the calling. They must have been editing in Fred Zink just for show...ha ha

It was a great shoot for sure. Man, there was a ton of birds in the area.

I didn't get out as there weren't any places that we could hunt except maybe getting some geese flying the lakefront out by Darlington Nuke Plant which would have been real hit or miss .We tried for ducks there in early January but wind messed us up with rollers coming in --but saw lots of ducks .
It won't be long till we are all bragging to our friends and family that we knew Camoguy before he was famous! He used to come into the Unit Office and talk to everybody just like a regular guy.

I just wish I had asked for his autograph before you had to go through his agent in LA to get one.
I can't believe you would think I'd make you go through my agent.
[^]I'd be happy to sign an autograph for my friend...I'll just have to charge you $10.00! LOL
I'am heading to New Orleans with Camoguy in a couple of weeks
I hope we dont get hounded by the paparazzi the whole time !!

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