Camo Day


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Thanks to everyone who came out to volunteer their time !! We had a great turn out and alot of work was completed . Also thanks to the boys for helping to move 40 well done ! Great to see how much support there is for the unit !

" Thats 12 already ? count them again Larry "
40 was only moved 20 feet into the weeds it was totaly exposed were it was and now it has really good cover in front . Hopefully hunters will use the path created when we moved it and not trample down the cover in front.

" Thats 12 already ? count them again Larry "
I couldn't believe what happened at 22 last year. There wasn't a cattail standing near the blind. 27 was pretty much the same.

Glen; Glad you had the devoted volunteer waterfowlers to get the job done..A rewarding day for sure, sorry I had to miss it..

Good point Paul. There's obviously a very good reason for any waterfowler to flatten an area directly around the blind the size of a 2 car garage. It's as inconspicuous as a golf balled sized sore on some ones forehead. I must be doing it all wrong, I always thought walking the same path in the marsh,,keeping the area where I'm trying to "hide" as "natural appearing" as possible....I must be doing it all wrong..."Note to self"...knock all vegetation down upon arrival at blind location...[:eek:)] [:eek:)] [V][V]

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