Burwell Saturday - Viewer discretion advised


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Headed out early this morning with my dad and uncle and went SW to 60 fow. Didnt get a hit until 61 fow and boated 3 eyes and 2 bows. The fishing seemed to slow down a bit so I took off out to 67 fow. Trolled back and we picked up 1 bow. at around 1030 we had a walleye behind the boat and snap, hook flew out, dipsey smacked my uncle square in the face and the hook found its way into my old man's arm. offered to take them out myself but he preferred a professional. so after that incident we packed it in and needed to take a trip to tillsonburg hospital.
ended the day with 3 eyes and 3 bows. lost a whole bunch more, seem to be a lot of bows out there but they find a way to get off for another day.
A lot of fish came off a black dipsey on a 3 setting 70 ft back. (port side, had the same setup on starboard but it wouldnt boat any fish) followed by a knock out's Sprite with a copper back. 3,5,7 colors also caught a couple/lost a few fish with KO's blue freezy, tequila sunrise and blueberry muffin.


my dad was out fishing thursday and finished with 7


I'll second Stomps ouch! I've seen hooks removed a hundred times (on TV) but I think I'd opt for professional help as well.
Ouch that sucks. I was bottom bouncing years back at the mouth of a river and after popping out from a snag the line wrapped around my head and hook in to the nose.
Now I know why I did'nt hear from you again, that looks nasty.We ended up with 3 eyes, 2 from lead on worm harness 300' out and one from the dipsy #3 setting 75' out on the starboard side. Lost 1 eye, & 2 crazy bows.
Regards, Randy

Keep your hooks "Sticky Sharp"
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