Burwell July 22


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Heading out of port bit east to 57fow of water, at 61 took our first fish, and he took my dipsey, spoon, ran and snapped the line, not sure what it was but it hit hard and ran. It was a wonderbread dipsey with wonderbread spoon, copper back. I want it back!!! went out to 68fow and didn't really mark too much, chatted with some guys out in 70 and 71, nothing.
Went back to 61 and it picked up. ended up going 5 for 6 on eyes and 2 for 3 on bows. I sheepie
Riggers worked well today, 25ft and 30ft, 80 back.mixed veggie worked, dark purple with white ladder back, blue easter egg, watermelon. 7 colour was best on core with boards. Took one bow on a gold ripplin redfin, 150 back long line too. About the only thing that did not fire was a worm harness. 2.3 to 2.5mph
Good luck guys and gals
last sunday was the same in 61 FOW wonderbread dipsey but with a white pink and yellow worm harness I got back the dipsey but the harness was empty and freyed good. two weeks ago rod slammed into the the side of the boat and all was removed I think it was a huge bow and there i did lose the dipsey (black) and the spoon (pink panties) oh well thats only 20$ down the drain

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
How are you guys losing gear?? Drags too tight?? No snubbers??

Have never lost gear on a diver on Erie... Use 30lb wire or braid with a snubber and 20lb leads... Set drag so it just stops clicking...
yup, thats how drag was set, just started zinging, then nothing. 25lb big game on that rod. 25lb fluro leader. It broke up at the mono, must have been nick in it or something.
Was out last week and lost a wonderbread spoon it was the fluro 30lb leader that let go on that one!
You are right though, i did not have a snubber on that last setup. i'm gonna run braid and snubbers from now on!
Fished Burwell solo yesterday as well. Started in 64 FOW and nothing till I hit 60. Went 3 for 5 on walleye. All came of 6 colour with pink and copper spoon
I've also had problems with my 5olb power pro breaking this year.Joslin in woodstock says they changed the formula and now it's junk.
i set my drags the same the one that i lost was such a hard smack on the rod that the rod came and smacked off the boat and gone intstantly

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
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