Burwell Friday Aft


R.O.C. (Radio Operator's Certificate)
3 of us fished from 2pm - 7pm in 58-60 fow a little S-W of port. Finished up with 15 eyes and 2 bows. Blue/Silver Redfin on 8 colours took 8 of the 15 eyes with the rest split up between riggers and dipsies with various bright coloured spoons. Ran 2.4 -2.8 mph at the cannonball and only had a couple of sheepies. Lots of guys catching lots of fish. Go get 'em before they're gone!

G.mech. Blastr here, we fished beside you guys today. fished from 2:30 pm till 8:00 pm. on my dads' seaswirl. exact same report. 18 eyes 2 bows. Broke off on 3 BIG fish, lost 3 BIG trout on jumps. that was cool to see them topedo out of the water way back there trying to shake the lure. 2.5 to 3.1 gps spoons, R.R blue silver, gold all worked, lots of fish there!!! dipseys 120 to 150 back on #3. riggers at 35. 150' back. calm seas. a great night to be on the Big water.

Another successful angler here fishing in the same area. Lines out shortly after 5pm, pulled them in at 8pm. Ten boated, none lost for two guys. Great action. Running two Dipsys at 3 setting 110 - 125 ft, and #30 and #40 TripZ straight out the back at 225 and 190. Brownish and blue KOs worked great. If we weren't in a hurry to get in, I'm sure we could have picked up our last 2 fish in short order. Also a couple silver bass and 3 sheep head.

Thanks for the info. We never tried the Red Fins but they have always been pretty darn reliable.
The redfins haven't really done much this year for us but we always have one in the water based on their past performance. Funny thing is, we added a second one yesterday on the dipsy and it never had a sniff while we couldn't keep the fish off the other one.

The other thing with them is they have 3 trebles Arnie so you have to be extra careful...;). Sorry, I just couldn't resist! Hope your paw heals up quick.
The paw is fine Greg. I was hoping to learn how to solve my own problems in the future but they removed the hook with a scalpel. I'm not sure that method is appropriate for us guys.
Originally posted by G.Mech

The other thing with them is they have 3 trebles Arnie so you have to be extra careful...;). Sorry, I just couldn't resist! Hope your paw heals up quick.

I like the black and gold redfins myself, but with the three treble hooks I seem to spend too much time unsnagging them from the net.
The black and gold is good as well delmer but the blue/silver has been the best producer on my boat. I think my best days ever have been when the fish want the body baits. You are so right about getting them out of the net though, the only thing I have found that helps is to snap on hook protectors once each treble is freed up to avoid them becoming re-tangled.
Riplin Fins have caught alot of fish out of Burwell in the past.
I agree that top hook is always a problem. First thing I do with my new Riplins is to remove the top hook.
First of all congrats on laying a beating on the eyes:D, BUT!!!!!Your killing me G. Mech....i have not fished in 16 days,algae bloom,weeds, no minnows and now.My wonderfull place of employment has me on a six day work week Aug 13 to Oct 1.[V][V][V][:(!][:(!][:(!]

Big Rod
I've had a busy summer too BR and haven't been out as much as I had hoped to either at the west end or down this way. If you can make the haul east for your day off it's sure worth it but I'm guessing Mrs BR has other ideas if she's anything like most wives. There are only two things worse than six day work weeks....seven day weeks and zero day weeks. There never seems to be a happy medium during fishing season.

My buddy was thinking of heading to Kingsville/Pelee Island on Labour day in search of walleye but it sounds like it might be a tough go with all the slime and weeds, what do you think?
It will be tough fishing by the long weekend,there will be no boats out trolling for walleye..If your buddy goes he will see a bunch of boats together a couple miles off the N/W corner of Pelee....it is good perchin in this spot.
Or he can fish perch in front of the tomato water tower in 30 to 34ft.This spot is between Leamington and Kingsville.

Big Rod
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