Burwell Eye report from Tues 19-July


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It started as a normal day,wake up, go to work etc etc but at 9;30 am or so got an message from Icefisherman that the winds are suppose to be low in the afternoon and there’s a spot in his boat. I drop everything, get out of work and by 4 pm –ish lines were all in the water.

We headed SE out of Burwell to 59-61’ FOW. We ran 2 riggers with spoons between 30 and 35 feet down and 2 leadcores 6 and 7 color with spoon and wormharness. A perch and 2 sheep soon followed. Then the big eye of the day showed up on the harness a beauty 7 lb 7 oz eye. Great start!!!

Got a rainbow next , then it died for a few hours before it picked up again at around 7-7:30 pm. We fished until dark and ended up going 4 for 9 on the eyes and 1 for 3 on the bows. Needless to say I was rusty. Ran a rippling redfin on the core for a long time but not a sniff

Wormharnesses for the eyes on the leadcore was the clear favorite, going 2.5 –ish mph on the surface. Surface temp was a crazy 80 F in 61 FOW. Thermocline at about 30-35 down

FYI if your going out bring a fly swatter the biting flies were awful, my poor ankles

Thanks Again Icefisherman for an awesome day at burwell. Let’s see that pic of a happy fisherman :)
Well Jason got the report done so just to illustrate with few pictures.

Him enjoying some of his catch:

This was the nice sunset we were treated with in the evening.

And here is the view on the fishfinder arround 9:30pm.

Ice Fisherman
Looks like a great night out there! I was thinking after my last trip that the way to go might be perch for the afternoon then out to troll around 6:30-7:00, for a good combo.
Good fishing guy's, as the moon gets smaller the eye's will get better;)

Brian (Legend Man)
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