Burwell Aug 1 Conditions?


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Wondering what the wind and waves are like this morning, I have a couple of Grandsons who want to go out on my boat today.

I've heard it's already bumpy and some smaller boats have already come back in.

Just looking for a 2nd or more confirmation, I don't want to give the kids a lousy first go round.

Thanks in advance.


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Yeah, I've been watching all the apps and the buoy, just wanted an actual, Damn it's rough out here, or It's not too bad.

Hate disappointing kids, but I'm not going give them a harrowing first Lake Erie experience either. LOL


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hvyhaul. Monday looks like next time we can get out. Fishing may not be great with tomorrows storm. Buy might be worth a shot.
Enjoy the pool today. That's what we are doing too. Lol.


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It was bumpy at nanticoke 2 footers when went out at 6 4 footers when i came in at 11 managed 1 walleye 2 sheepshead n 1 silver bass all on 7 colour leadcore in 38 fow went as deep as 45 to rough to go farther out with my 17 footer


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Went out earlier (Burwell) shortly after sunrise.
2 footers to start with.
We quit at 11 am in 60 fow and at least 4 footers.
Wasn't a fast ride in.
6 eyes and a bow between 2 of us.


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Appreciate all the replies, not going was the right decision. I don't think the kids would have had much fun.

I can't complain about the size of the fish this year, my share of Friday's catch netted me 7.6 lbs of vac sealed fillets, wings and cheeks. At that rate I'll be feeding the whole family and all of our friends and colleagues a significant amount of Walleye this year.
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