Burlington Perch July 31/2011


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Finally got a morning in for fishing... brought dewies and minnows. Really wasn't sure what to expect given it's been hot as hell lately.

Anyhooo arrived at the scene of the crime to find all sorts of fish jumping.

Wasn't fast and furious but rather steady.. by 10am I had maybe 15 decent perch in the bucket. Got a silver bass and quite a few monster sized white perch.

It was getting close to noon hour and was down to my last minnow.. soo I threw it out and tap tap... WHAM! This was no perch. Long story short.. ended up being this pig of a sheepshead. It was the biggest one I had ever caught and of course my camera was at home...:0

I got a shot of it on my cellphone.. anyway stay tuned for a pic of the fish I did get. 8D
Here as promised is de proof!


In a couple weeks the big chinnys will be in shore casting range...just thought I'd remind ya even the perch can start to be boring in this brutal heat.casting a spoon in the cooler wee hours and nailin just one would make anyones day.
Davec72-- I was on shore in the Bay area.. I don't have a boat :)

Johny2- Not much of a salmon-trout fisherman..couldn't catch one if my life depended on it. Both my grandfather and dad were blessed with that skill.

I run a small business so I don't get a whole lot of time to fish and if I get into a school of decent perch in this brutal heat.. it's not boring to me :D
Salmon fishins not difficult from shore...ya need braided line,glow cleos with sharp hooks,big net with extension for the lift bridge pier and the key... high off shore west wind which usually causes temp inversions I mean cooler water wells from the bottom to shore,salmon follow their prefered temp until they start their spawn then it don't matter...try fishin valley in,bayfront park,50 point marina off the rocks,sept,oct can't see ya getting skunked their not just in bronte creek ya know,goodluck.
Thanks for the info..:) Only time I've ever landed a salmon or trout is if I've been on a charterboat...:p

I've spent my share of time sitting on an icy cold rock in October fishing for browns with my dad.. all I ever got was a cold! ;)

Not that there is anything wrong with trout/salmon.. some are blessed with the skills others are not. 8D
Hey Bassmaster give this a try before you leave for your next trout/ salmon outing. Wash down your rod and reel with an unscented mild cleaner. I use Basic H from Shaklee on everything religiously during the season including the steering wheel and door handles on my vehicle. I wash my hands so much they split the first couple of weeks of the season. Some people exude more L Serene than others and I believe the fish can sense it. Also never pump gas, pet a dog or scratch your head with your hands unless you wash them again. Foods like pepperoni, kilbassa, etc can also put more than just trout down if it transfers to your bait. The only thing I know that helps while trout fishing is eating sour cream and onion chips with dew worm dirt covered fingers. Been doing it all my life and look how I turned out. [}:)]



"Rivers are living things, sometimes swollen and discoloured, other times thin and anaemic. Spend enough time around a particular river, you learn to read its moods, like a spouse reads a partner."

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