Off Topic Brrr? Depends on how you look at it lol.


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How the heck did this thread go from cold weather to trucks?? Sorry for the rant, maybe my brain was frozen, happy holidays to all.
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Come work out side with me and say that . Instead of Ya this one time when I was in my warm truck it looked real cold out.
I will ALWAYS say it doesn't get cold here @Twister. I lived in Yellowknife without a vehicle for 17 years. I went somewhere, I walked. Didn't matter if it was -55 before the wind. I had to get to work and nobody was comin to pick me up and at the time, I wasn't driving truck, that was back when I was working in the restaurants. You dress for it, you're fine. You don't, you suffer. :ROFLMAO:

Trevor M

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Well Trevor I to lived in Edmonton for almost 5 years not long ago. I found the cold out there very dry and not that bad. I would walk from our manufacturing plant to my service plant in a short sleeve shirt at -18 and did not find it too bad. I find the wet cold here in Southern Ontario much worse than out west. -30 in Edmonton is about the same as -8 here. Just my opinion.
yeah I hear ya. Been there. Done that. I find it's not cold here, but it is wet and that's the difference. I explain to people the difference between here and there when (wet vs dry cold) by using the example, put an ice cube out of your freezer in one hand, then a piece of dry ice in the other. The dry ice will burn your hand, the ice cube out of your freezer won't.


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put an ice cube out of your freezer in one hand, then a piece of dry ice in the other. The dry ice will burn your hand, the ice cube out of your freezer won't.
Trevor Nye science guy🤓
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Ya Ya walked 20 miles to to school uphill both ways and my rich friends had an actual cardboard box to live in. If I didn't wake up with a bonner I had nothing to play with all day.
I friggin froze last week out side in that freezing rain and no it wasn't really cold. Also made fun of my Buddie on Vancouver island cause they got 3" of snow and it shut the whole island down. It's like that mouch who shows up for xmas dinner it's all relative


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Wind and snow just started to pick up here in Hespler, I got 65 cans of Coors and lots of food so I think I'll be alright for a few days, bring it on!!!!!!


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My friend in Florida sent me this
There to is cold 18 degrees


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Your video links are not opening. I think they are stoned
Weird they work for me….
Maybe the trick is you need to be stoned in order for them to work haha 😉
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Paging @Three Bouys paging @Three Bouys you are the next batter. 🤪 :ROFLMAO: 😁 🌻
Guess I’ll have to chime in @hvyhaul Got into my Cat loader this morning for plowing. Outside temps were -1. As the day went along, the wear bars on the bottom of the wings were sticking and weren’t dropping when the blade was on the ground. Got out to see what was happening and holy $hit the temps dropped and wind chill was numbing. A few hits with the heavy hammer and frozen slush broke them free
On another note you and @Fshrmn4life and others that run the roads, I give you guys respect for what you have to put up with some idiotic drivers.
Also the company I retired from and before they sold the axle division to Dexter, we built the axles for the trailers. Whether it was a straight axle, steering axle or even drop axles there were many configuration for axles and the job they required them for.
Many years ago they sent me to the U.K. to disassembly a friction welder ( $1.6 million back then). It was fully automatic, all the operator had to do was to make sure input racks had enough axle tubing and spindles on them. The machine would auto load tube and spindles, friction weld one spindle and rotate it to do the other end and kick it out.
Tubing wall thickness were from ,460 wall to ,950 thick and 5” o.d.
So that’s my knowledge of your trucking life. Merry Christmas to every one as I’ll be heading out again tonight to do some plowing clean ups when there isn’t idiots out there challenging a loader with enough 🤬 lights on it
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