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I noticed on there website they have a banner stating the Angler Outfitters of woodstock is charging a $ 1 to use there debit machine .The last 3xs we have been there she has always took the dollar off the the tranaction . Does Bradfield have something against them ? Angler outfitters has alway treated us great .
And considering this is the year that they uped there prices at the marina??? Nice way to use a company websight. Good thing they have a monopoly down at burwell
I"M not sure but the website is hosted by "Deep Secret Fishing charters" and not Bradfields. I could be wrong...:)
I've noticed more and more businesses adding a user fee on top for debit transactions. I believe the reason is that the banks are loading service access charges on business clients to access the Interac system.

I know Josyln likes to make a buck but I don't think he's lining his pockets with this. Although he does have some spiffy new wheels on that new F150 Lol:D
B 4 the debit machine we used cash. It's a lot harder to add service charges to. It also makes it harder for big brother to track. Also if u don't need a receipt don't get one , it just may save a tree .
Last time I checked the actual debit transaction fee was about 16 cents. There is a monthly fee for the terminal and access but that also covers credit cards. Debit fees are almost inconsequential in comparison to credit card fees and the money goes straight into the bank without you having to handle it or transport it there. It also substantially reduces the risk of robbery or fraud due to counterfeit bills. I have never understood the user fee for debit charges unless the business does not accept credit cards or trades in a very large number of very small transactions.

This is a pet peeve of mine. I absolutely refuse to pay a service fee on debit transactions. It is nothing more than gouging the customer.
They will try to whine about it being a convenience to the customer fee but i do not believe this.
The vendor has the debit machine to widen their chances of sales if you dont have cash.
Bottom line is that is a benifit to them and us.
SO i urge all to boycott this rip off.
First off the people they are very trust worthily and stand behind there product they sell. I buy 95 percent of my stuff from Josh and will always do so. Yes some stuff has increased but if something goes wrong with he will back it try that at the other stores. Far as the debit fee I did pay the one dollar fee but had no problem with paying it. As far as bashing Josh on the net I would say if you have a problem with his service bring it up with him before you do the enternet slamming. The people on this site are always complaining about others reports and services and you guys wounded why some don't post on this site as much as others. I think talking in person with people does go alot farther then talking behind there back. As far as deep secret saying these types of things well look who is saying it and take it for what it's worth
Most of the time in there I have seen them take $1 from the purchase off to balance out the $1 debit charge. They said they got a new machine. Regardless I normally just pay cash anyway, and there is no other place that gives out the deals he gives out. I never have an issue replacing rods/polarized glasses/waders no matter the warranty or the issue. Everytime, no questions asked. He stands behind his products like marshman stated, and will not try and trick you into buying crap. Its the only place I shop. I find BassPro a waste, or any retail store, you pay that price and thats final. I can go into AO and buy a bunch of stuff, and Joc will give me deals, he has even given me free tackle and many many discounts. Maybe its just me, but I think not...

I don't work for Jos... I help him out from time to time... Its the least I can do for all he's done for me...

There's nobody better in the business then Jos... He stands behinds the product he sells and is 99 percent of the time the cheapest price...

Naturenut ... I think you should get your okuma pricing facts straight before you go spouting off... Also if you have issuses with Jos... Take them up with him instead of online...

Be well... Jammer
Tough thread to follow. Is the original post about, Bradfields, Angling outfitters or debit machine charges[?] I'll also take some $50 Okumas
Sorry about the thread; I felt I had to remove some replies. Guys, if you have a beef with someone please try to not to air it here.

You don't need to apologize, this is not the place for people to air "non-customer" complaints and misleading statements (that compare apples to oranges and convectors to magdas!).
I just wanted to say that angler outfitters always refunds the dollar charge! They have always treated us great. They have been very helpful with showing me how to use my chart plotter. Come on its a dollar ! I did not think it would turn into a slam job against them .
If paying by debit card, your purchase is discounted a dollar by them because the debit terminal they use automatically adds a dollar service fee, which they can't over ride.
Thank You Stomp quote:
Originally posted by stomp

Sorry about the thread; I felt I had to remove some replies. Guys, if you have a beef with someone please try to not to air it here.


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