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I am new to this thread but I can see already there are a lot of experienced fishers out there!
will anyone give a recommendation for smallies or largemouth hotspots near port Maitland or up the river? Not looking to empty the lake of fish just a last resort spot to take my young daughters after they put up with me down riggingout deep (with no success) to go to liven up there fishing experience! Have trolled up the river with quite a bit of success but the little ladies seem to love sitting with bobbers and worms. Any time together catching little guys is still quality fishing time to me
thanks for your help!


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Welcome aboard..the walleye are just starting to pick up at maitland soon you will be filling the box ..there is lots of good bass fishing in the area..try around mohawk island where the old lighthouse is but keep an eye on your depths it shallow in that area..another spot is on top of tecumseh reef west of port...dropshotting ..spinnerbaits etc all work..good luck 🍻


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As soon as you come out of the river mouth take right and head straight for shore. should see some scattered weed beds around there.
Many bass to be had in that area out to grants point & tecumseh reef. 6-20fow.
Like gilfisher said,keep an eye on your depth she can up fast through there too. It might surprise you how many walleye and the odd rainbow a Fisher can get trolling that are as well.. along with gobs of smalliez.
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