Blind Repair Day - Saturday June 11th, 9 am

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Volunteers needed.
Saturday June 11th is blind repair day at the Unit. I've attached the report below. Volunteers will be meeting at the Park Garage at 9:00 am. Bring ypur boat, waders, hammers, etc. The high water has caused a fair number of problems.

2011 Blind Assessment by Glen Hanson, Dave Martin, Kevin Gillis
#20 Repair Seat
#8 Good
# 12 Good, Tack boards down, under water
#10 Good
# 21 Repair Seat
# 22 Needs new floor
# 27 Good, tack floor
# 26 Good, tack floor
# 29 Good
# 39 Upside down, needs new floor
# 38 Good
#40 New floor
# 19 New floor
# 18 Good
#23 needs new floor boards
# 13 Good
# 11 No access channel plugged
# 7 Burlap and floor boards
# B-1 Good but under water
# B3 Tack floor boards
# b-6 Burlap, good
#B-5 Burlap, good
# 6 Good
# 5 Floor boards
Move # 13 closer to bay not a bad idea.
Put a shooting point at # 6 on island ex- # 6a or # 6 B

They report that a good number of blinds are in need of repair. They recommend the LPWMU move 13 closer to the bay so it might have some water when fall comes. They also recommend making a shooting point on the island off # 6 so a hunter could select blind (6A) OR shooting Point (6B). As these are the only changes they recommend, I've copied Rhonda & Mike so they can consider them and if any of you have serious concern, please let me know asap.
The entrance to blind 11 is completely plugged with floating cattail and may need a whole bunch of volunteers and/or park staff to move it. It is so massive, Dave, Kevin & Glen could only move it a few feet!!!
The blind committee will be speaking with Rhonda or Mike about the lumber, tools, etc that will be needed for the JUNE 11th 9:00AM Blind Repair Day.
Arnie, will you please do a post on STOMPS and employ your network to get as many folk advised and engaged as possible.
Thanks everybody, .....Jim
If the mass blocking the channel to blind 11 cannot be moved the cookie cutter can cut a new path around it providing someone marks the best route to bypass the mass. The only issue is that we would have to wait until early August to do it.
Hello Arnold,

The suggestion for a shooting point (6-B) north of the existing Blind 6 (6-A) is a great idea that has been talked about for a long time ... since 2007 or before.

Considering the distance between 6-A and 6-B (especially if 6-B is on the north side of the island) then you may even be able (at some point in the future) have them as separate options providing hunters at 6-B do not hunt the south side of the island.

What do you think?

J. Katchin, D.V.M.
It's a shame Jim Grainger couldn't use a bulldozer to scrape out (extend ?) the pond in front of blind #13. It use to reach all the way back to our cottage. By moving it closer to the tip would it not interfere with #16 ?

#6 as an optional shooting point would be a good idea. I never see any bay birds in that area but when they come in off the lake it might provide some action ?
Blind 13 - if the water would stay were it is now the blind is great where it is but as we all know it will be alot different in the fall . we were thinking about moving it about 100 yards maybe half way between where it is now and the point hopefully there it will still have some water in front of it , you are correct we dont want to interfer with Blind # 16 so cant move it too far
Blind 6 - there was a blind on that island years ago # 8 . and again i agree not alot of divers really sit in that area but in the right wind once the divers are in i think it might provide some pass shooting on divers if the birds are working this side of the bay and not heading directly across to the north shore .So i think we should try it and see how it goes guys that like 6 where it is will be happy because it will be a choice you can still hunt the blind on the point
Please remember these are only recommendations and have to be approved by the park

Further to Glenn's comments. The problem with 6A and 6B (Re: individual blinds) is that there is no way we can ensure someone supposedly hunting divers on the outside of the cattail island at 6B will not hunt the inside and shoot towards #6A. It's much the same as 15 & 16. We also had a complaint at 28 last season. If a waterfowler(s) decides to hunt off the north tip of the cattails at 33 and someone rents 28 we have a problem. We realize that there are regulations designed to control such issues but unfortunately they don't eliminate them.
If you are planning on volunteering on June 11th can you please let me know either on here or flip me an email . Trying to get a head count if we dont get enough guys we will have to schedule a second work day . And if we are short i will be driving by a few cottages on the 11th looking in the boathouse to see if the fishing boat is gone and also looking for people drinking beers on there DECK !!! You all know who you are !! too many to name here !!!!!
And if we do get enough people i will still be driving around looking for people sitting on there deck drinking beer only then i will just join you !
Thanks Glenn

Sorry Glen I am tied up at home in T.O.with "do lists".If you need a future weekend I will try to be there .

I'll be off work that week but I'm afraid my doctor wouldn't like me doing anything streneous after having an angiogram done. I'll get a note from him to that effect. LoL !

But....if I make it down to the cottage that weekend I'll put an extra case in the old beer fridge for any thirsty work volunteers that should stop by.

Sorry guys, I must re-neg on my offer of "cool" refreshments.It seems I'm being handed over to an "intervention" cardioligist in order to fix my problem.
Sorry guys but I can't help out this Sat. I was thinking though instead of a work day if you were to assign me a blind and a date that you needed it done (Aug 1 for example)this would work for me and I am sure others as well. This way the people that do show up on Sat. don't feel that they need to get all the blinds done themselves.
Thanks to everyone who helped out in the marsh today . Blind 13 has been moved and Blind 39 is back on its feet . Unfortunately with the water still being very high we were unable to complete any floor repairs . We will look at arranging another work day down the road when the water drops as there are several blinds that need floor repairs .Another positive was it would appear that all the high winds lately have cleared the chanal into blind 11 . It has been along time since i have seen the water this high in June !! and although i think the water will drop it looks like we will have alot more water than we had last fall . Would not be suprised if this year we get our overdue november storm !! and hastings and some homes on the lake side get relocated !!
thanks again to all the volunteers

Kicks, a big thank you to you and the rest of the blind committee for organizing this and having everything set up so well for us.

I think we also owe a big THANK YOU to the 5 or 6 members of the LPWA "Young Guns" Posse who showed up this morning. There are times when their aggressive nature and lack of patience are a challenge but I will tell allhere that their vigor, enthusiasm and strong backs made all the difference today.

One of the wonderful things about the LPWA is that it brings like minded hunters together even if their birthdates might be many, many decades apart. Not many activities today can claim the same.

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