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March 27, 2019

Re: Available Funding

Dear Fellow Waterfowlers:

Further to my letter of March 22, 2019 regarding the Delta Waterfowl survey that was conducted last fall and the additional subsequent funding that I provided to Delta Waterfowl for its advocacy work within Ontario this is to advise you that the equivalent of four (4) additional annual grants of $1,000.00 remain available for organizations that support waterfowl hunting ... the term "waterfowl" including ducks, geese and swans.

I attempted to contact the Board of Directors of the Long Point Waterfowlers' Association after discussing this matter with the staff at the Long Point Waterfowl Management Unit last fall by leaving a letter regarding a potential grant with supporting documentation for a board member (who was hunting the unit that day) to pick up at the office upon his "check out" later that day. The staff subsequently confirmed to me that he did receive my package that day.

Unfortunately (for whatever reason) the Board of Directors never contacted me regarding this potential grant. Consequently (having considered other options) I have recently offered Delta Waterfowl potentially two (2) additional annual grants of $1,000.00 that could be distributed to the Long Point Waterfowl Management Unit and the Rondeau Waterfowl Management Unit to cover specific management costs in the future.

I have also suggested other options to Delta Waterfowl regarding additional "one time" grants that could be available to assist in establishing a limited (tag only) Tundra Swan season for Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan as well as future funding for other projects after such a season is established in Canada ... more on this at a later date. Your continuous support regarding this Tundra Swan proposal remains appreciated.


J. Katchin, D.V.M.
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