Anyone having any "orange army" luck?


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I shot my first ever buck on Tuesday! After two years of being skunked. And several freezer does.

Nice tender 4 pointer.

98% stand hunting. One guy might push after the morning towards our stands it's been a good year 5 bucks. Nothing in past 3 days however. 1 or 2 tags left to fill.

Good luck to everyone else! 20191105_152857.jpg

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Nice buck ! We had two newbies get their first deer this year plus 2 more for 6 guys . I'm calling that a successful hunt for 2019 ! Did not see any does all week.... strange ? After Tuesday morning the woods around me went silent until last nite at last of legal shooting time guys were popping off shots all over in the distance. Corn is still up around my woods but have seen cleared fields to my north. Hope everyone had a good hunt and nobody got hurt !

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Our group went 5 for 6, great yr, a 4, +
3 x 6's,
and this beast?
Over 50 club shot all but a 4?? Tell's me, deer smell texting?


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We had a decent year.2 out of 3 both bucks we seen a few does at night walking out but none during legal shot time. Alsi surrounded by corn.

can't miss

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you guys enjoy your phones, us old's will shoot the deer?
boned out my buck today, F of a job with a few days of cold hanging, hide on, but was,nt looking to drive twice to have it butchered. I've done it for yrs, would have been too cold tonight to hang any longer, was done with doing it myself, but what the hell, once more into the fray?
All local butcher's that will do wild game, to full, maybe Thur's? Tell's me, alot of deer being shot, and reg's have shut down alot local butcher's from doing game?
End of the day, what I saved doing it myself will cover making the pepperettes?

Old Cut LongPointer

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We use Carriers out on North Road. Always great service ! Funny thing is my brother is a butcher with about 40 years experience and won't do ours..... something about being on vacation ? LoL !


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Have to agree with the cel phones. Left mine in the shop. Got this guy on Friday afternoon of the 8th in good ol' 90A Haldimand. Mount was delivered this morning. Wife says it's so nice she's going to let me hang it in the family rom. LOL


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