any place to launch 16' in longpoint


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I am thinking of heading to lpb on sunday with a bud, and want to know if there is anywhere to launch a 16' aluminum. Prefer to go out of oldcut or causeway side of the bay.Also are the launches charging yet and if so what are this years fees?
You can get a small boat in at the Old Cut. There still ice by the ramp but a small boat can get in. It's wide open from the ramp out.

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Old cut has a metal box for launch fees says $10 on it I think hopefully going out saturday afternoon so I will let ya know.


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try launching it in the water:D........jk there are plenty of spots to launch, I went in at big creek 2 weeks ago by george lane. the ice keeps coming back at night so boat traffic has been minimal. As far as marina's go im not sure who is operating yet? You can try calling Sandboy Marina or Marina Shores or Old Cut Livery? I dont think the park is open yet? If this damn weather ever straightens out it'll be smooth sailing.... well trolling.....try stopping by Rotten Ronnies bait and tackle Jimmy will point you in the right direction! Good luck fella's let us know how you do,FB.
ok, thx everyone for the replies. SRT8 good luck saturday, please let me know how you did.
Hey Fish bones, did you trailer your boat in or just handbalm it in when you went out of big creek? Also did you have any luck?
I need to trailer, so have to have a launch.
Hey Triggerfish I hand bombed my tiner in that day but there is a launch right on big creek at george line, there will be lots of places to launch if its open no worries there.....old cut is likely your best bet, ill be fishing out of my boat house on the cut on saturday providing it stays open!! Two weeks ago we caught a couple big carp in the river there alot of fun but no pike like we were hoping for, its still pretty early but the gators will be alive soon!Best of luck to ya'll! FB
Thx fish bones. Now I just hope the weatherman is correct with the long range forecast (50-50 chance I guess).
Hey TF we launched out of OC with no probs other than just missing a hunk of fire wood on the way out of the channel waters real cold I think if you can find clearer water like near the north channel there may be some fish to be had it was to rough for me to head over there with the wife and boy with me .


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
thx for reply SRT8.
Wind was crazy today and it got quite cool. Hope tomorrow doesn't pour and wind stays low. We are hoping to launch closer to big creek if we can, otherwise old cut for us too.
Big creek was open still lots of ice at sandboy today.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
Sunday launched from old cut at 9:30 headed west to big creek. It got windy, cold, no pike after 4 hrs of working shoreline then went to 5'east of oldcut and got 6 really nice perch fast . Wind pushed us off fish and game over.Cold sent us packing. Boat ran great , so all in all a good day. Water was 39-42.6 Degrees F. 2 ft visiblity
Same deal on Sunday worked out from Old Cut to EC10 than worked back along the marsh no pike. Started to snow time to get off the water. Try again maybe Wednesday. Think pike are still spawning, tough to get at.

The meaning of life? FISHING!!!
Still lots of ice in some of the marinas...actually saw some guys that drilled holes and fished from the ice!! We tried for crappie around old cut since it was open, but didnt have much luck.
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