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With the perch season just around the corner I wanted to try and solve the anchoring issues I had last season. Looking to hear from anyone who runs a 20'+ glass boat as to what has worked for them. Nothing worse then finding the fish then not being able to stay on the spot!

what are you using now?


I would like to thank Denali custom rods, The Rod Glove and Live Eye Jigs for their support
You might want to take a min and go to this web site, it is very imformative
attach a 5' length of chain to your anchor and then tie your rope to the chain which will make the anchor dig much better. if you want to make it even better you can add a heavy bungee cord which acts as a shock absorber preventing sharp tugs on the anchor. it doesnt matter which end of the rope you use the bungee on. make sure there's enough slack to let it stretch and you'll never move...
I used a small danfourth on the weekend with 50' of rope in 35fow and never moved I have 4' of chain on it and my boats a 18' walk through.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods, The Rod Glove and Live Eye Jigs for their support
The problem most people have is because they use too short of a rope.
7 X the depth is the recommended anchor line length.
Only really important with higher winds, waves or current.
Less than 3 to 1 is pushing it though in anything less than ideal conditions.
I'm the same as you Horty when it's dug in the windlass sure works to remove it. But if you don't have a windlass, use what SRT8 uses or a Fortress anchor.
I anchor a 4000lb, 24ft hardtop walk around off the pulpit in 3 footers. It hold so well you almost need a sepearte line to pull the anchor out backwards.
use a 20 lb sand anchor with a chain or 12" of window weights on the line about 3' up the line ,the correct ratio is 3:1 for amount of line out. eg. in 10 ft. of water let out 30' of line. always have extra line to let out when it gets really windy.

I too have an anchoring question. I have a 19' cuddy and am unable to tie anchor line to bow cleat easily. Not enough room to walk around cabin to get there when it's wavey etc. Therefore I tie off to stern cleat. Which is not really recommended, and on windier and wavier days it can be a challange to get a solid grip. I was wondering if anyone knows of a trick to be able to tie off to front with the use of a secondary line perhaps. It seems to me it could be done but I can't exactly picture it. I know I could get one of the bow mounted electric anchors, but cost and modifing boat is unappealing. If anyone know a trick I'd appreciate your advise. Thanks
Big B I would just use a 15-20' rope with a carabiner on the end attached to the anchor rope let the anchor rope out while holding the carabiner so it doesn't get to be a tangled mess and when you need to pull anchor the carabiner will just slide down and pull the anchor rope to you I would think you would probably need a knot on the anchor rope to stop the carabiner from sliding all the way up taking all your leverage away .I have never tried this just giving you an idea to try I think it would work as long as you have enough length in the second line to start the anchor line coming to you.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods, The Rod Glove and Live Eye Jigs for their support

Where did you the Fortress Anchor, also I take it if I'm fishing 40-50 feet then 200 feet of rope should do the trick I guess.

Proctor Marine. You wont have any issues at that depth with 200' of rope and a length of chain going to that anchor. Google fortress and check them out
I second the post on the Fortress....sometimes too hard to pull up. 4ft of chain minimum and buy one the right size and in sand you will stay put. the bay a different story... They will sometimes not get through the weeds into the muck.... Can't beat a navy in the every time but heavy to pull up for sure.

If you'd just start taking me out in the new boat of yours I wouldnt have to worry about it!


Not even in the thinking stage of even getting it out of storage. Damn Dogs....take up way too much fishing time
Hi friend:
Get an I-pilot by Min Cota and solve your problem. It uses GPS to keep you in position within five feet of any spot. Just move when the school of Perch move.
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