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I've been casually reading the forum for quite a while and really been checking it daily for the last two weeks as I’ve recently purchased my first boat, its nothing special just a used 15.5’ deep-v aluminum with a 2009 25 HP mercury four stroke. I’ve taken it out on our maiden voyage at a local reservoir and all seems to work perfectly. A buddy let me borrow an older electric trolling motor so I can troll around a bit and I've mounted my Lowrance X67C fish finder that I had previously just used for ice fishing and it seems to work great.

My question now is does anyone have any advice or thoughts on taking a boat like this out onto the bay? I'd really just be targeting perch? I'm more of a "better be safe than sorry" kind of person so would like any and all recommendations or advice before heading out.

Anything anyone is willing to share is much appreciated:
-weather conditions to look before before heading out
-weather conditions to watch for while out
-equipment that is a must have while out (i.e. VHF radio? compass? GPS?)
-boat ramp locations to launch from
-how far out to go
-anything and everything else you are willing to share

Thanks a bunch.

You should be fine in that most days! Use common sense of course i would recommend a gps or at least a compass. Launch out of st williams or old cut and head to Ec10 should be about a 10 minute boat ride out!
As far as perch on LPB you are set with that boat and motor. I use a 14 ft Legend with a 15 hp Merc, and, as long as forecasted winds are 15 kmh or less I'm good to go anywhere on the inner bay.
Perch, especially at this time of year are well within easy reach...EC10 or closer. If you are out farther watch the conditions, approaching storms etc...if YOU are becoming uncomfortable, then move in closer or get off the water.
As you become more familiar with your boat, you will know what she can or can't handle.

ENJOY!! Just had a LPB perch supper tonight, and, MAN WAS IT GOOD!!!

By the way, welcome to the board. Great info on here, and, a good group of people that share it.
Boat size is fine...for the inner bay. Just check the weather and wind forecasts and if looks rough....don't go out. Maiden voyage maybe pick a weekend and head to ec10 when there are a lot boats left on the water too....kind of like safety in numbers too.....enjoy the boat!
Welcome. As a guy who until recently only had a small boat(18ft bass boat) I would highly recommend you buy a very good quality hand held marine radio. You may never need it but will be really happy to have it should you need help.
As far as weather goes my boat was very shallow so winds of 15k would be hard to take. Your deep vee will handle it well. A good anchor will be nice when pearching too.
Here are a couple of very helpful sites i use before going out
Old cut is a good place to launch, even on a bit of a windy day(from the west that is) you could fish off old cut and gain confidence on the inner bay. From old cut you have safe calm water(west wind) to practise your boating skills. Confidence is gained by have multiple good safe trips, I can't think of a better place for kids or an unexperienced boater to learn.

Brian (Legend Man)
locals may have a better idea but i find it quicker to launch from the st. williams or port rowan area (if that is where you are coming from) - it takes longer to drive the truck around the point than it does to drive the boat out....

for me - port rowan is usually my choice coming off of hwy24, gets me to EC10 or pottohawk pretty quickly..
If you go out from Port Rowan this time of year it will probably be pretty weeded up and can be very frustrating trying to get your boat moving in that mess. I would go to Ray's at Old Cut Marina.He will have minnows there as well!
Thanks all for the advice. Feeling more comfortable hitting the bay. If the weather holds out and I can sneak away I may try this weekend.

Any one have GPS coordinates for EC10?

I don't have nav charts for the bay is there any shoals or rocks to worry about between the launch and EC10? I've typically fished from boats in georgain bay where there seem to be rocks ready to damage props everywhere.

Helmut thanks for the links I've bookmarked them. Did a quick check on the windfinder site and Saturday morning is looking promissing. Also any advice on what may be a good quality marine radio? Any examples?

From the feedback, I'll likely try old cut marina as my first launch site. I'll let all know how I make out.

Thanks again,

Hello Tex. Check the Map link at the top of the page for the location of EC10. The marker furthest to the west.
As "Jumbos" has mentioned you can see EC 10 from the Old Cut however here are the coordinates: EC10 marker Inner Bay
42°37 07.5 80°21 23.9

Have a GREAT Day!!
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