1st hunt ,1st post

The dates are set!! cant wait to cross this off my bucket list !after 30years of reading about the point me and my brother are makin the trip, just sitting in the marsh with the dog and gun is going to be a thrill, looking foward to meeting some of the guys that keep the point a dream for the futher waterfowlers alive !
Yellow, you are in for a treat. Of course, like hunting anywhere, not every day is good but LP has the potential to be fantastic. It's the memory of those great days that keep us coming back. Every day I am out in the marsh,skunk or limit, I always think even if I had a million dollars in the bank I would still be right here right now.
If you are there on a friday night there is always room for more at the fire you wont be able to miss it . And if you are around the fire believe about 40 % of what you hear :) Unless your talking to me !

we are comming up on tue staying till sun so the fire is a sure thing!!just getting the paper work in order we will be picking up a staining membership trying to see what blinds are going to give us the best chance at cans ??wiil be running a gator traxx 3 man gator hide with mud motor this will be the hilite of the season !thanks for the invite !!!
Are you coming up on the Tuesday before the opener on the 24th of Sept.? If so, you won't get any Cans -- way too early for that.
Hi Yellowlab as we have discussed before you will get some opportunities for Cans and Reds when you come . Your brother told me on the phone you guys were looking at getting a motel close by.One small problem there are no Motels close by that are open then .The nearest one is Simcoe which is approx 40 min. drive from the Point . You guys may be a lot better off looking at a B & B which are much closer . If you want I can get you some info on some local B&B 's .As I told your brother if he needs any decoys no problem but I won't be there until the Friday afternoon to hunt with you guys.
Will talk some more down the road
Thanks sunni we will sleep in the truck if we have too!!!we will be up Nov 8-13 :Dwe might rent a cottage,B&B whatever as long as we get out to hunt !! hell get a big enough bottle from LCBO and i could have a night at the fire !LOL Thank for the help !!
Hello Yellow Lab,

Just so that you know ... the "nutritional fluids" that you referred to are not permitted within the Provincial Park so I would not advertise that ... even jokingly.

Hello Yellow Lab,

I had a companion animal mobile practice serving Mississauga and the surrounding area while I worked for the Federal Government (CFIA) monitoring diseases in livestock ... mainly poultry (turkeys, ducks and chickens).

I was going to buy a vacant lot in Port Rowan and build a new veterinary clinic but the zoning officer for Norfolk County informed me that I would not be permitted to keep any animals over night on land zoned "agricultural" ... go figure!

Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.

PS Port Rowan Veterinary Services (branch office) is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 1000 to 1800 hours. Their main hospital is in Port Dover.
Thanks for the help ! its a not somthing i like to think about on a trip ! but when minutes count the last thing i want to be doing is looking in the phone book for a vet !!i will check out port Rowan !
What happened with the B&B 's list I sent to your brother--no luck?
Was out friday night and got my first 2 redheads of the season .Then guided for the Youth Hunt on Saturday .
We were not to sure how a B&B would feel about dogs ??so we are looking at other spots before we contact them ??I have contacted scott about his cottages hope to here back soon!! Thanks for all the help !!
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