1. orbital540

    Is Ice Fishing Lake Side Possible?

    With Lake Erie almost all frozen now, I was thinking of pitching a tent over the weekend on the lake side, off of Hastings Drive and seeing if anything bites. Wouldn't be going out too far since walking. Has anyone done this before? and what would you catch? catfish? Thanks, Steve
  2. orbital540

    Hastings Drive Webcam

    I’ve set up a live webcam for myself and local anglers to check how rough the water is off of Hastings Drive, Long Point. I’ve been using the webcams at Turkey Point and Oldcut for years now, and thought I would share the one I set up. http://live.corkepoint.com It's a little spotty for...
  3. stomp

    Sample Fishing Report Using Tags

    @Three Bouys took me out to Bluff Bar and we caught a dozen pike, a musky, a walleye. We then drove around the point and caught a limit of perch at Hastings. @Three Bouys then cleaned all the fish for me while I watched and drank his beer! Good Day!
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