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    Off Topic Poll Results - Thoughts

    Right on!! @Wave Runner!! lol :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: I was just at Costco a few days ago,& a 🪕 banjo player would be nice there,while we are waiting in line for the doors to open!! I will be supporting @stomp for sure,by bringing some coin the next time I go to Costco!! lol:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:;)👍👍:D
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    Off Topic Poll Results - Thoughts

    @stomp is there any chance of a,“Lost & Found“ section as well? I am not on Facebook or on any other Fishing sites,etc., as a member to post this there,because I recently found a fishing tackle bag,with lure’s,etc.,along the thames river while I was walleye fishing & I would love to give it...
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    Fishing Report Bluffs bar - June 6

    Congratulations @Extra Virgin and you are over half way there for your limit of perch & those are a great size for easier filleting later!! Enjoy your perch & rock bass fry later!! 🐟🐟 😋👍👍:cool:
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    Yak Attack 3, Lake O

    Another great Yak report @King Joe thanks for sharing & congratulations to the both of you!! 🛶🎣👍:cool:
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    Fishing Report Port Glasgow June 4th Morning

    Anytime @REBELSS and a lot of us on this forum are here to help & don’t hesitate to ask questions.We all had to start somewhere & good luck on Lake Erie whenever you do get out & Be Safe & Walleye’s ON!! 🚤 🎣🐟👍😎
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    Fishing Report Port Glasgow June 4th Morning

    @Wave Runner response quite quickly & he is very helpful @REBELSS and he never holds back any “tip’s” etc., but willing to be there for anyone that needs help!! My first trip out ever on lake erie for walleye’s was with @Wave Runner and I never seen a two man limit of walleye’s,(12),that day...
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    Fishing Report Port Glasgow June 4th Morning

    Another great post again as always @Wave Runner 👍👍😉 & of course,thanks for sharing your fish catching tragedy yesterday with Darren.You both were sooo close to limiting out between the two of you,but again,it’s not always about limiting out on whatever species of fish that you are targeting...
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    Flat of worms.

    Hey @stackman1 good to hear from you again since spring & Brian as you call him at Jack’s Live Bait in Delaware,which I thought his name was Rick,which I have called him forever by that name & he never corrected me that I was calling his name wrong.It’s not a big deal & perhaps you are right...
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    port bruce help

    @bow slayer I would agree as well with @Quinn for fishing at Port Bruce.
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    Port glasgow web cam

    That’s not deep at all @Chipper1 and I have never caught my walleye’s that shallow before in the last couple of years,and I usually start in 35 fow,(when I usually start marking them on my fish finder) and up.Good to know that they are that shallow,& once I get my truck out of the body shop in...
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    Port glasgow web cam

    WOW!! :oops: @Chipper1 :oops: Very nicely done 👍👍 in such a short time & Congratulations!!👏👊👍 You didn’t happen to see or talk to @Wave Runner & his fishing partner this morning,off Port Glasgow by any chance,did you?:unsure: I am just curious on how they are making out trying to catch their...
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    Port glasgow web cam

    Good luck @Chipper1 & please say hello to @Wave Runner for me out on the lake,if you are both fishing in the same area,and talking to each other on VHF. I would of likely been out there as well tomorrow,but my tow vehicle is still in a body shop.Tight lines & walleye’s ON!! 🚤🎣🐟👍😎
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    Port glasgow web cam

    I will make sure that I am up at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning @Wave Runner 👍😉 & I am warming up my thumb now,for the great morning,”Thumb Up!!”👍 Salute!! o_O& also with a coffee in my other hand!! Catch lots to you both tomorrow & have a fantastic day!! 🚤🎣🐟👍👍:cool:
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    Port glasgow web cam

    That’s very helpful @Wave Runner👍👍 for a guy like me as well. :) I will follow your instructions on how to get onto the Port Glasgow web cam & please let me know when you go out of Port Glasgow again,so that we can both wave to each other while we are looking into the Port Glasgow web cam before...
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    Fishing Report Lake Gowganda

    I did right away @poconokidII your “thumb up” 👍 and in the first photo & all!! 🤗 & Thanks!! 👍;) That’s Very Classy!!o_O & it brought back memories from the London Boat & Fishing Show,this past February,2020,when we first met & officially did the “Thumbs Up.” 👍👍;):) I am going to be fishing for...
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