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    Wanted Dove decoys

    Don't remember off hand. I'm back in Monday, I'll let you know. TC
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    Wanted Dove decoys

    We got some in at the store Magnum, 6 packs and 2 packs. TC
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    bass fishing these days?

    I went out this morning in my kayak from Normandale. I usually troll towards Turkey point and then swing around and go as far as Fishers Glen. I tried a few of my tried and true lures to no avail. I only caught one monster sheepshead (which was fun) but no bass. The water was cloudy and around...
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    Sh!thead Delicacy?

    That's one of the methods the Thundermist guys use. They then dip them in a paprika mix coating. TC
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    Sh!thead Delicacy?

    Well for one thing you pretty much need a boat to catch those "pickerel". You can catch drum from shore. TC
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    Sh!thead Delicacy?

    There is a Canadian company called Thundermist lures which puts out a lot of cooking videos. They have a very good one on a couple of different ways to cook drum. TC
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    Off Topic Normandale Beach

    It's a great spot to launch a kayak for bass and perch. Glad it's going to remain public.
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    Off Topic Long point pike fishing inner bay

    Yes it does, thanks. TC
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    Off Topic Long point pike fishing inner bay

    How'd you like the wind yesterday? I started off in St Williams by the lighthouse but decided it was a little too wavy for me so I went to Pt Rowan instead. How far out is the weedline , roughly, by Collins? TC
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    Off Topic Long point pike fishing inner bay

    I was in Pt Rowan this morning in my kayak, just drifting with a small spinner rig for panfish and I caught a lets say axe handle, a little bigger than a hammer but not quite a 30 incher either. Put up a nice fight though. TC
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    Off Topic Ninja Grass Blade, Anyone use it?

    Getting tired of clearing grass from my prop powered peddle drive kayak. This product was suggested, has anyone used it or can recommend an alternative? TC
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    If you're looking for leather you'll need to go online, none of our suppliers carry them. For shoulder holsters you'd be looking at Uncle Mikes or maybe Blackhawk. TC
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    Sold Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

    Smoker is sold, sorry couldn't find a way to edit the ad. Perhaps someone could enlighten me :). TC
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    Sold Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

    Simcoe (town not Lake :)) TC
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    10lbs of pork shoulder

    Thanks for sharing, appreciate it! TC
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