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    Gun shows

    So how do gun shows handle the reference number requirement? TC
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    Steel shot and Doves

    Very good question. I would assume if you have the hulls from steel shot (and the right permit) you would be ok. I would go to the Ontario Out of Doors website where they have a "ask a warden" section and ask that. TC
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    Steel shot and Doves

    As long as you don't have them on your person your OK. I'm the same way, lots of times I'll have 20ga lead loads on me for squirrels but then I'll switch them out when I go to pond jump for ducks. TC
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    Steel shot and Doves

    Hey Magnum if you're going to be using 2 different loads ( steel and lead) make sure you don't have ant lead on you if you decide to dove hunt, you could be charged. I asked a CO the question concerning fall turkeys on a property with ponds thinking if the turkey hunting was slow I would jump...
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    Mmmm bacon

    OK so here's a dumb question but what part do you use for back bacon? It looks to large for the loin to me but it could just be the picture. TC
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    Whatbis your go to recipes for smoking rainbows?

    I have used a simple mix of 4 to 1 brown sugar and salt for many years and it always turns out great. Mix the rub thoroughly sprinkle a little layer on the bottom of the container you're using and then just layer the filets coating really well with the rub. I usually try and start them in the...
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    Bradley or Traeger portable? Which one should go buy?

    Another vote for the Bradley. I have the original model. The only issue with it compared to the digital is you have to fiddle a bit to get he right temperature, after that it's good to go. I do mostly fish and bacon an it works great for those purposes. Plus they don't cost $1000 either. If you...
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    Smoking some of those pesky rainbows

    Looks good! I smoked some rainbow today as well. I just use 4-1 brown sugar to salt. TC
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    Fishing Report Topwater Bass Blowups at Waterford Ponds

    I fish there fairly regularly from my kayak and I would say this was an exceptional day. I call the ponds "land of a thousand casts" as especially later in the season it seems that way. I've had good days there though, mostly fishing frog pattern topwaters. Good job there, you've got the...
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    Lowrance Problem

    Thanks, I'll give it a try. TC
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    Lowrance Problem

    I have a Hook 5 Tripleshot that I bought in 2020 and probably has less than 20 hrs on it mounted on my kayak. Today when I was out it was stuck on one page and I couldn't change it. After several power downs and ups I was finally able to get to the page I wanted. I selected my view and it worked...
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    And so the Fat Lady sings...............

    Same here, first time in probably 20-25 years! Had some action but numbers appear down. Plus the buggers just would not come to me, except for one. 2 birds came in although I was only aware of one until the other one stepped out from behind a tree 10' in front of me, saw me said " holy sh** a...
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    Port Burwell river channel launch question

    If you come in from the road under the bridge you will see a no trespassing sign. I've inquired about it before as there is a nice launch spot right there and was told there is no issue but still that sign bothers me. TC
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    Bill C-71 Restrictions Coming Into Effect

    That will work for face to face sales but we'll have to see how it works on sites like Gunpost or Canadian Gunnutz. I very much doubt the RCMP has the manpower to monitor these sites but they may pick one or two to make an example of. TC
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    Bill C-71 Restrictions Coming Into Effect

    Don't know what this will do to gun shows, it takes hours to get through to the CFC now. Bill C-71 Restrictions Start This Month on Buying/Selling ‘Non-Restricted’ Guns Source: Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 May 02 05 May 2022 — The Canadian government will start enforcing new...
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