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    For Sale 12 Guage AMMUNITION SALE

    ALL AMMO IS spoken for pending sat. pickup Selection of All Steel 3" & 3.5" Waterfowl magnum loads 2 boxes Winchester High Velocity 3.5" #2s 2 boxes Winchester Blind Side 3.5" #2s 1 box Federal 3" #BBs 1 box Federal 3`` #4s Pail 49 shells of Challenger Super Magnum 3 inch #2s Pail 23...
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    Hey @stomp thankyou very much..

    Hey @stomp thankyou very much..
  3. mick


    Nice reports.. we ran the RRs too 1st trip out.. Reef Runner 600s Deep little the inline boards..last Sat..8 for 9 pit stop in shedden for a bag of ice tasted pretty good
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    Off Topic Securing your kicker

    sorry to hear that @Zosk..hopefully you got it insured with low deductable..I had one stolen years ago locked like claim paid.. I have this one on my honda OB across the transom clamps for years..its a master brand lock
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    For Sale New Remington 700 RH Long range in 300 rum cal. NEW PRICE

    New Price complete $1050
  6. mick

    Off Topic Same address in boat

    Your absolutley right bassaholic... OPP & MNR will be out checking everything.. Last season on a few of the weekends leaving Erieau boat launch out of town ..creative road blocks setup with OPP & MNR enforcement...checking everything.. play it safe & have everything in order..nobody i know wants...
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    Weather buoy deploy date

    I received a reply back today from Enviroment Canada Thank you for sending your message to Environment and Climate Change Canada. The Port Stanley buoy is supposed to be picked up today by the Canadian Coast Guard and be deployed tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are no plans to deploy the Lake...
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    Pan fishing

    Ya Jerk bait me & buddy used to fish little lake in a canoe with an electric motor many years ago.. once a season in may..good size & numbers of black crappie & perch working the edges..also caught a lunker bass out of there.. LPB use to be good crappie in a couple favouite channels early.. hey...
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    Pan fishing

    Try little lake casting small tubes or twister tails.. mixed bag of pan fish.. ...deer lake is another crappie spot..we used to slow troll vanderbilt double gold spinners with a worm n catch some nice browns.. its also catfishing time after this warm rain forecasted..
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    Lets see your first boat.

    Ya the springbok 12 & 14 ft and Thornes were popular aluminum fishin boats..fished many of times in them..also trolling the thames river every spring back in the day shoppin for a new boat made right here in Canada..there were a few good choices in the mid 80s ...I also seriously considered...
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    Sold T/C Carbine Muzzleloader

    T/C Sold Please Remove
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    Lets see your first boat.

    Ya theres still wilker country around..huron & owen sound.. Heres a nicely rigged and ship shape wilker below I ran into launchin my lund at erieau boat launch last season.. Hey high hopes..I forgot to get married and have kids or grand kids..and the blue wilker is sold my friend..
  13. mick

    Lets see your first boat.

    Heres my first boat..A classic 1985 17ft deep V wilker..had it modified & custom ordered..just paid $12000 cash and pickin it up here in the photo.. plenty of power 115 merc 2 stroker 6 cylinder..power trimmed & maxed out 45 mph 5500 rpms.. Ya some know these wilkers were first prizes in many...
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