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    Fishing Report Smallmouth Nov 26

    Very nice! They look like the footballs the NFL will use tomorrow for Thanksgiving games.
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    Lake Erie Giant

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    Fishing Report Smallmouth Nov 19 & 20

    Crushing them Jesse! Do you run a trolling motor with spot lock?
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    Fishing Report Smallmouth Nov 17

    Smallie slabs awesome!
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    For Sale 25ft trailer at Mitchell’s Bay

    Is there a place you can leave your boat on the trailer, I don't like it left in the water for extended periods of time.
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    Fishing Report Smallmouth Oct 20

    Lake Erie footballs! Well done! What brand is your hat? Looks cool!
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    Fishing Report Smallmouth Oct 8

    For us weekend anglers the winds have been brutal! Thanksgiving weekend also not looking good. Time to take some sick days. Great smallies!
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    Fishing Report Smallmouth Sept 30

    Super smallies! Thanks for posting.
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    Boat winterizing

    A number of good places you could take your boat to, some are site sponsors. Due to my location I get my boat winterized at Proctors in Simcoe. They have always done me right.
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    Fishing Report Smallmouth Sept 15

    Fall smallies looking forward to it! Beautiful fish, the one on the left looks like its been eating well.
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    Off Topic Fish Batter

    What about dipping fillets in milk or egg mixture? It is usually mentioned as an important step but when I do it before dipping them into Fish Crisp I always seem to get a heck of a mess.
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    Wanted Found

    I have a 12ga Winchester SXP Black Shadow 28 inch barrel handles 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells. Excellent condition.
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    Off Topic New Fishfinder Opinions

    I have the Simrad GO7 and really like it. Previous unit was Lowrance Hook 7 which seemed to lag a fair bit. I like the touch screen aspect of the Simrad.
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    Fishing Report Bass fishing lnfo

    Inner Bay + weeds= LMB
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    Fishing Report Finally a bass report! Aug 5

    I hear you, just about done with my Minn Kota Power Drive. Need a serious upgrade! If you were to purchase Power Poles/Talon what length would you think best for Inner Bay.?