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    Bring a friend.

    Lets see? What would justin and doug do? Tell us not to go but then go themselves. It's time to go fishing as we have always done. See You on the water. Regards.
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    Off Topic User Poll - Ad-free Channel 6-8 Experience?

    I see no real value in the membership . Skip over the adds minor but necessary annoyance. Just my opinion. But thanks for asking ..
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    Do Trout

    Sent You a PM earlier today
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    Hi Cant Miss Trout in Your pond . I have a trout farm at Otterville we stock a lot of ponds...

    Hi Cant Miss Trout in Your pond . I have a trout farm at Otterville we stock a lot of ponds and have been in business since 1982 . If You want some information on Stocking Your pond give me a call at 519-879-6511. Regards Lynn Gehring
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    I am with Red on this one . No need for Six Grand to issue an FO . Tired of that attitude across this country .
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    Sold -Set of 4 Tires and Rims for Sale

    4 tires Hankook Dynapro AT - P235 / 75R17 mud and snow tires on Ford Aluminum rims . Came off a Ford F150 . 90-95% tread Rims are in excellent condition - no longer needed $1200 for the set . Located at Otterville - Thanks For Looking.
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    Farm Raised Trout are no longer fed "liver pellets" . They were fed liver pellets 40 years ago. The liver pellets were fed when they were no commercial diets available. For information on aquaculture feeds google , Corey Aquaculture Feeds, Blue Water aquaculture feed , Skretting ,..... Nice...
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    Open well problems

    Look into Driving a well point into the bottom of the well . You may be experiencing lower water levels rather than a build up of fine sand.
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    Boats for the Great Lakes

    Proline boats are awesome. Built for the ocean !
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    Mud and Snow Tires and rims for sale

    Bump Winter is coming!
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