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The Bay....

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by pics, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. pics

    pics Member

    It looks as if grangers and jimmy riggins are out of the question until the weekend.Is anyone walking out yet?

    What about the Turkey point marina basin. Does anyone fish there in the winter??
  2. BASS-master-Gordon

    BASS-master-Gordon Well-Known Member

    apparently the huts go out monday or tuesday, with this cold i'm sure a few will set out, i might be one of them.

    fishing,for some a hobby, for most an addiction
  3. fergy57

    fergy57 Member

    Yep, just checked rottenronnies.ca, and says the ice lost some thickness. Me and my buddies were gonna drop our huts out friday night to go Saturday, but with that report, those plans may change.
  4. Braggin Rights

    Braggin Rights Well-Known Member

    my back-yard koi pond is still crackling under my feet when I walk on it so I'm not in any hurry to get on the big water. I'm waiting at least another week but I like to play it safe!

    SOUTHWIND Well-Known Member

    Today's (January 5, 2011) satellite photo. Excellent view of the Bay. Looks like a couple of big open spots.



    SOUTHWIND Well-Known Member

    Closer examination, the dark spots maybe shadows from clouds above and to the South.

  7. pics

    pics Member

    We stopped at st williams this morning...there is still open water before the light house....Old cut has thin ice in the channel...
  8. Huron

    Huron Well-Known Member

    Pics...Could you please clear me up location wise of where the webcam at booths harbour is located. Am I correrct in thinking that it is a few hundred yards to the left of where Grangers and Shermans Ice hut buidlings are located as you look out towards the lake. Thanks. Huron.
  9. stomp

    stomp Administrator Staff Member

    Huron, yes Booth's is to the left (east) of St. Williams. The camera is just past the long row of boathouses with the metal roofs.
  10. fisherman

    fisherman Well-Known Member

    stomp is booths west of st williams if your facing south ???????????????????????????
  11. Dand

    Dand Well-Known Member

    It doesn’t matter if you’re looking North or South; Booths is East of St. Williams.
    Or if you want to look at it this way; if you’re standing looking out into the bay at the water’s edge, in St. Williams; Booths would be to your left by about ½ mile as the crow flies.

  12. fisherman

    fisherman Well-Known Member

    [:I]good nuff
  13. Dand

    Dand Well-Known Member

    Stole this picture of Booths from freg’s thread; hope you don’t mind.


  14. Huron

    Huron Well-Known Member

    Dan... This nails it down, thanks, Now bring on the ice and the huts! Huron.:)
  15. ferg

    ferg Well-Known Member

    That's ok Dan. Any post that aids the member is fine with me. The camera looks out of the top window on the south side of the building. It looks roughly south south-west over the bay. It is a great public service courtesy of Booth's Harbour Marina.

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