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Simcoe report from today....walk of the life time.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by icefisherman, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. icefisherman

    icefisherman Well-Known Member

    Well...I was determined to get my limit today no matter what...since I couldn't find anyone to come with me in the last moment last night I went ...alone...Now if I knew what was expecting me on the ice I would never have done it...don't wish the punishment i took today to my biggest enemy. It was that super difficult conditions...
    Started at 6:45....with 2 stops on the way got my my final destination by 10:30....how do you spell COLD and MISERABLE? :unsure: :worthy: It was that and then some more....time to buy myself a snowmachine...too old for this walking game....15 km total in foot deep snow and slush and water and cracks and you name it,....back at the car at 5:15 pm......barely....had to sit and relax every 100m and then sat on the bucket by the car for 20 min just to pick up my breath and be able to open it and load my stuff....total exhaustion...have never had it so hard...every part of my body was hating me today and will be for the rest of the week...forgot my water bottle in the car...so sweating all wet and dehydrated...was about to drink from the hole...got to Sobeys and bought 10 x 1L orange juice and drunk 4 of them on the way home...had to drive only in my boxers since everything was soaking wet....heater on 32 degrees....good thing didn't get stopped by a cop as I would have had some explaining to do :wallbash:

    Anyhow...this is my last time doing this exercise....I promise it to myself...

    Now on to fishing....mission accomplished as I got my limit of whities in the couple hours I had to actually fish while getting ready for the return trip...
    Meegs and Williams both produced...other people were getting fish too...85 fow...fish was coming and going all day...not super hot bite but enough to keep you entertained and to get your limit.
    It was so cold fish froze so much that after an hour at home in the sink it was still so cold the kids didn't want to hold it for the picture....had to really negotiate with them...good thing I got couple chocolates from Sobbey just in case :thumbsup_anim:


    Any how....
    I am out...laying down and breading deep....need some well deserved rest and a case of beer tomorrow night with whities on the menu

    P.S. I begged 3 people on the way back to help me and give me a ride back to shore if going in the same direction telling them I'll pay them,....but no luck...was given all kinds of excuses....was left with very bad taste in my mouth for sure...

    Ice Fisherman
  2. Walleye

    Walleye Well-Known Member

    Hi all.
    Nice fish and I am glad you got what you were looking for.
    Bummer about the lack of a ride back.
    Cheers, Clark
  3. Seabass

    Seabass New Member

    Any clues as to where you walked out of for the whities, I am heading to Simcoe tomorrow and would love to catch one....

  4. jumbos

    jumbos Well-Known Member

    Now that's a tough walk Emil! I realized about ten years ago that I couldn't do the same things I did when I was in my 20's:0. Ya know what they say "what ever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", so they say;). Nice whities, looks like you haven't lost your touch since last winter, they will taste extra good, with all that effort.

    Brian (Legend Man)
  5. icefisherman

    icefisherman Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by Seabass

    Any clues as to where you walked out of for the whities, I am heading to Simcoe tomorrow and would love to catch one....


    I can tell you I went from Innisfil and I posted the dept...if you have a machine you'll find them...without machine.....PLEASE do NOT do it. You will not like it.

    Ice Fisherman

    FRANKIE Well-Known Member

    Emil, that is crazy dedication for fish. Good on you for making it, but, I agree...I wouldn't do it again.
  7. Duck Soup

    Duck Soup Well-Known Member

    Emil, I think you picked the coldest day of the year. By 9:00 am it was pretty breezy around here and I can well imagine what it was like way off shore on Lake Simcoe. Great photo of the boys with your fish. Well, every time I hear a story like yours, I'm pleased to be hibernating over winter.
  8. littlekitch

    littlekitch Member

    icefisherman did you park in the park at innisfil beach?
  9. packrat

    packrat Well-Known Member

    That'a a REAL endurance test there Emil---glad to hear you survived it and not become a story on the six o'clock news.

    Those whities really look great wtg

    I'm with Duck Soup on the hibernating thing:)

  10. big rod

    big rod Well-Known Member

    Congrats to you.Nice fish.

    Big Rod


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