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Long Point Hunt

Discussion in 'Waterfowling' started by ship wrecked, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. ship wrecked

    ship wrecked Well-Known Member

    Sat. In the bay near Bait Island sucked!!!:( xx( one duck one stink-in duck a wounded black at that it had a wound across it'S gut not nice looking.So where are all the birds?? Never seen it this slow. :( xx(
  2. Buddy Boy

    Buddy Boy Well-Known Member

    Hello Ship Wrecked,

    The "divers" must be out in the lake as I see them coming in over the causeway whenever I am at my new house around sunset.

    They are flying North East over the causeway south of Big Creek and towards Port Rowan.

    I hope that will help you.

  3. pops

    pops Member

    After an entire week of calm ,sunny , beautifull weather why would you expect to have a good duck hunt ? It's going to take some crappy weather to get the birds moving. I stayed home and cut my grass ,maybe there is something to global warming!
  4. Jello

    Jello Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by pops

    After an entire week of calm ,sunny , beautifull weather why would you expect to have a good duck hunt ? It's going to take some crappy weather to get the birds moving.

    Sure, just crush all my hopes and dreams for Monday morning :( .... ;)

    Goose hunting hasn't been much better. Need a 'wet' day to get them to spread out a bit. I had to resort to pass shooting. Still had fun mind you.
  5. WinSX3Tom

    WinSX3Tom Well-Known Member

    I floated black creek on friday and got a mallard drake only saw 8 ducks though (Bad shooting on my part)... Water level seems very low on the lake this year, the creek seemed about 1.5 feet lower than the bank mark.
  6. ship wrecked

    ship wrecked Well-Known Member

    It wasn't the lack of shooting that bother me is was the lack of birds.I seen more ducks opening day.
  7. Donald

    Donald Well-Known Member

    we seen a ton of birds saturday till noon just woundn't finish due to being old birds but we still manage 7 bills, a mallard oldsquaw and a golden eye,
  8. Old Cut LongPointer

    Old Cut LongPointer Well-Known Member

    As BuddyBoy stated there are lots[ as in thousands] of divers using the Inner Bay and I hear all the geese and ducks from the eastside of the main feeder all the way round to #11 at night so I know they are out there.They must head out to the fields really early because I don't see them fly out except (strangely enough) on days the Unit doesn't shoot and I have those spots marked on a map for what it's worth.

    Copies of the map can be purchased and all proceeds will be donated to the Corn Liqour Fund to help sustain thirsty duckhunters.
  9. ship wrecked

    ship wrecked Well-Known Member

    Hey Donald where were shooting?I'd like to try Big Rice again just so many guys.
  10. Donald

    Donald Well-Known Member

    Sorry I dont tell some of my best friends where I hunt, The units out side blinds did good this weekend and on friday.
  11. ship wrecked

    ship wrecked Well-Known Member

    So when your at the lake you just hunt the unit?I use to hunt the unit till they stoped the hunt on Fri at 4. Always a re rent never been first thing
  12. Duckula

    Duckula Member

    Lots of Ruddy Ducks in Big Rice on Thursday. Not too many flying around out there Friday but between openings in the fog the Ruddies flew pretty good, we got 4 ....we were not shooting our best but had many opportunities. Saw tons of divers on the inner bay Saturday ...not too much flying though.
  13. Donald

    Donald Well-Known Member

    No i wish i was in the unit on friday and saturday they did pretty well.
    I have hunted the Bay most of the time this year
  14. Buddy Boy

    Buddy Boy Well-Known Member

    Hello Donald and Duckula,

    I do not need to know specifically where you were hunting but was it within the inner bay or in the outer bay that you got the Oldsquaw (Long Tail Duck)? I use to get lots of Oldsquaws over at Presqu'ile in Lake Ontario and I would like to target them again here at Long Point. Do they come into the inner bay at all?

    I got a Ruddy Duck at blind 6 but it did not taste very good ... alright ... it was horrible! How does one cook them?

  15. sonnyuphi

    sonnyuphi Well-Known Member

    Hi Buddy Boy , they were not shooting the Inner Bay .I wouldn't want to say on this site about any good spots to shoot as next time you go there there will be at least 3 other groups of hunters in your spot. As an old passed on fishing chum once said when i asked him where he caught a pile of smallmouth bass he grabbed his lower lip and said right there.
    You will not get very many long-tailed ducks here --I would say maybe less than 50 might get shot in the whole area. Used to be able to shoot a lot of Goldeneyes here but they seem scarce although Fred said one was shot on Friday .
    Sunday was busy out there with at least 10 groups of hunters in Big Rice and Little Rice as well as guys at the head of the Bay but very few birds flying .
  16. Jello

    Jello Well-Known Member

    I typically see Oldsquaw on Lake Ontario and some along Port Maitland while fishing Tecumseh reef. Don't recall ever seeing in any in LP bay personally.
  17. Donald

    Donald Well-Known Member

    In the last 2 years we have been seeing more of them probly shot 8 in the last 2 years.
    A buddy of mine shot a couple out of Blind 6 and another buddy got 4 in little rice last year so there around you just need to be in the right spot on the right day
  18. Buddy Boy

    Buddy Boy Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys.

    At least I know that they are around in the inner bay at times.

  19. ship wrecked

    ship wrecked Well-Known Member

    Well Fri was a bust 1 mallard a couple bufflehead.Sat. was even better zero_Ok where are all the ducks we drove around all over the bay inner and outer didn't see much to get excited about.No rafts anywhere???The way it looks now the shoots in Dec. will be good??
  20. Jello

    Jello Well-Known Member

    There's a few 'dumb' ducks around but not many. Was out on Friday. Had some 'dumb' moments myself and could have shot at least 4-5 and a goose (long story). Shot 2 mallards that decoyed nicely but went home with 4 mallards. My dog found 2 cripples on the walk back. The sky busters are putting ducks in my freezer, so I guess I can't complain. :p

    Delta reports that its going to freeze out west and reports from north of us are saying their ducks have left or are leaving. Sounds like the last push is on its way.

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