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Ice Conditions

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by Jimmy Riggin, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Jimmy Riggin

    Jimmy Riggin Well-Known Member

    Just letting everyone know we are now posting Ice Conditions on the Rotten Ronnie's Web page.


    Also we have all of our ice fishing stock in and will have maggots on Monday December 20th. We will be closed as usual Tuesday December 21th. As well we will be closed at noon December 24th, closed December 25th & 26th.

    Open 7 days a week starting December 27th from 7am -5pm.

    Happy Holidays!

    Jimmy and Stef

    Jimmy Carroll
    Jimmy Riggin' Fishing Charters
    [email protected]
  2. BASS-master-Gordon

    BASS-master-Gordon Well-Known Member

    yessssssss, cant wait to drop a line have not been fishing since the start of november! what colors should one look out for on when venturing on the ice?

    fishing,for some a hobby, for most an addiction
  3. Jwalsh

    Jwalsh Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anyone has been down to the lake to check the ice lately? I will probably take a drive down after work later this week to check for myself, but any information would be great!
  4. fshrgrl

    fshrgrl Well-Known Member

    bass master gordon and I saw three or four people about a mile out of old cut today...
  5. Perch_man

    Perch_man Member

    was out on Sunday with a buddy out of Old cut, went out 3/4's of the way to EC10 managed 30 good size perch to take home but lots of sorting the action was hot non-stop from 10-1pm no real colours just some flash tip with a minnow. There is some sketchy ice especially going down on the ice from the channel(boat docks) the first 5-10 steps all you would hear is the ice cracking other than that every were else we drilled was 5-6 inches ohh yeah about three quarters to EC10 two huge open holes be careful and play it safe.
  6. quinner01

    quinner01 Well-Known Member

    good to know about those holes, assuming they must be quite visible?
    Sounded like a good day

  7. giller

    giller Well-Known Member

    good to here hope to get out friday.
  8. Jwalsh

    Jwalsh Well-Known Member

    Im glad you got out and caught some perch! I usually put my hut in at St. Williams since its a closer drive from Simcoe...any reports from that area of the bay or are they selling minnows down there yet?
  9. quinner01

    quinner01 Well-Known Member

    Hope to get out Friday as well Giller, hope to see you out there.

  10. Dontgetcaught

    Dontgetcaught Member

    Back to the top for those wondering about ice at old Cut.

    Thanks for updating your web site Jimmy!
    Much appreciated!

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