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Fish Cleaning in the St. WIlly'z area??

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by easton, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. easton

    easton Member

    Hey just curious about any fish cleaners in the area...especially for pike!...:)...

  2. Huron

    Huron Well-Known Member

    Easton...saw a sign on one of the fish huts last year. It read...
    "Ron"s fish cleaning"...519 875 9982 or cell no 519 403 9429. Don't know if it's handy for you or what kind of job he does. Anyways. Might want to make a call. Huron.
  3. bow_man_1_2_3

    bow_man_1_2_3 Member

    Easton there is fish cleaners at the south,east corner of highway#45 and#59 just south of langton about 3 mile
  4. will

    will Well-Known Member

    There is also a fish cleaner and fish smoker in Turkey Point
    Teachers pet Charters
  5. better-netter

    better-netter Member

    Hey there Just wondering how many pounds of pike or perch you would need to be cleanned.
  6. ernsbouy

    ernsbouy New Member

    Last year I fished with GRANGERS and they hooked me up with a guy just before the marsh. Just outside Port Rowan, really reasonable and a pretty cool little clubhouse to look around in while you wait!
  7. BASS-master-Gordon

    BASS-master-Gordon Well-Known Member

    why dont people take up filleting? then again its a pain in the a-ss

    fishing,for some a hobby, for most an addiction
  8. Huron

    Huron Well-Known Member

    Your not a true fisherman if you don't fillet your own fish!...(In my humble opinion) P.S. I always have with my catch.LOL Huron.
  9. BASS-master-Gordon

    BASS-master-Gordon Well-Known Member

    i spill blood,guts and tears freezing from the cold while filleting my fish, but your hand doesnt hurt much when its verging forstbite and covered in blood,thats canuck style stuff. wouldnt change it, unless i have a chance to clean inside. :)

    fishing,for some a hobby, for most an addiction
  10. Darryl

    Darryl Active Member

    Bill Cronk's Gut and Cut is on the causway south of Port Rowan before the marsh

  11. easton

    easton Member

    Thanx, all!

    Huron-We do our own perch, but not sure how to work around the bones in a pike?!;) But we finally found someone....


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