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Discussion in 'Waterfowling' started by pops, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. pops

    pops Member

    I was walking in Monday night on the east end from blind 6, and thought I heard something in the marsh grass beside me.I stopped and listened ,nothing.I figured I'm hearing thing's, but 20 feet more down the trail I am definately hearing something in the grass moving beside me ,I shine my flashlight ,nothing. I start moving again and this coyote start's howling (20 yards )boy that will get your attention!Then the rest (I'm guessing 2 or 3,maybe more ? ) start with the yipping,and squealing while the howler starts barking .They stayed in the same spot(fork of the road ,so to speak where the trail goes to 5,3, and 4 )and carried on for about 10 minutes.I didn't fear for my safety as I was travelling with Mr. Browning. What I am concerned about is that most of you guys have a dog with you.I can see the potential for a messy situation. I think you would be wise to have your dog on a lead for the trip out.It should also be noted that I set a personal best time for my trip back to the truck !
  2. Dicker

    Dicker Well-Known Member

    there is a family of them somewhere near the last "S" bend in the road near #4-7 entrance, we went camping a couple times there this summer and they were always out on the roadway waiting to be fed by campers
    not shy at all, I got out of my truck and took a few pics and a video of one that just sat there while I walked around it(just a pup)
    just a matter of time before something happens
    hopefully they kick in a bounty on them soon!!!!

    when hevi-shot's-a-flyin',alot-a-ducks-a-dyin'
  3. fshrgrl

    fshrgrl Well-Known Member

  4. pops

    pops Member

    Coyotes who have been hand fed ,and apparently lost a lot of fear of humans,running around a camp ground full of kids; what could possibly go wrong.And I was worried about someones dog getting chewed up ! On my next trip out I think I will be carrying a bag of dog treats.
  5. WinSX3Tom

    WinSX3Tom Well-Known Member

    Carry a load of No 4 Buck. or 2.
  6. WinSX3Tom

    WinSX3Tom Well-Known Member

    Are there any predator management tactics or trappers down at the point, maybe it is time to do something like what they have been experimenting with at the Delta Marsh in Manitoba.
  7. Buddy Boy

    Buddy Boy Well-Known Member

    Hello guys,

    I was at blind 6 yesterday and I found a head of a hen bluebill in the area ... no carcass ... just the head.

  8. duckduckgoose

    duckduckgoose Active Member

    Originally posted by Buddy Boy

    Hello guys,

    I was at blind 6 yesterday and I found a head of a hen bluebill in the area ... no carcass ... just the head.


    I leave those once in a while when I get a little over-zealous with the neck-wringing.
  9. pops

    pops Member

    I'm thinking that there are enough cripples in that end of the unit to keep the coyotes well fed.
  10. Old Cut LongPointer

    Old Cut LongPointer Well-Known Member

    So if the yote's land in your spread they're fair game ...right ?
  11. singlemalt

    singlemalt Well-Known Member

    OCLP, the regulations are clear that we are only allowed to shoot ducks and geese in A-Zone. However, it is also clearly regulated that we must dispatch cripples as quickly as possible. Well if the cripple happened to be in the coyote's jaws.....

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