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Any birds left ?

Discussion in 'Waterfowling' started by Old Cut LongPointer, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Old Cut LongPointer

    Old Cut LongPointer Well-Known Member

    I heard there was lots of geese still hanging around, too bad the seasons closed on them. Not much heard about ducks ?
  2. binkley

    binkley Well-Known Member

    well you still have this afternoon and tomorrow to go I was at nanticoke on sat there were hundreds around. too bad they did not come in to the decoys. I think it would have been better if they could see the coys though.really foggy vis was about 45 yrds.

    keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
  3. lcooper

    lcooper Well-Known Member

    There is a quite bit of geese along the Grand near Kitchener and Conestogo areas. Some mallards and occasional Common mergensers, the white ones. But they are within city limit, lol. It will be another 8 and half months before the duck season opens. Geese opens for a couple of weeks in Jan or Feb in that area. I am not sure. Will check the CWS hunting schedule. Oh, well, it is off to work to pass the time, eh?
  4. Old Cut LongPointer

    Old Cut LongPointer Well-Known Member

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I thought the season ended on Jan 9th for ducks [Black Ducks Dec.20th and Geese Dec. 29th] for Sunday Hunting areas such as Norfolk County ?

    No Sunday Hunting areas was ducks and geese Jan. 8th ??
  5. Old Cut LongPointer

    Old Cut LongPointer Well-Known Member

    Forgot to add that there is a Feb. 24th to March 5th Goose season in areas where No Sunday Hunting is allowed except WMU 94 ?
  6. mooner

    mooner Well-Known Member

    absolutely right OCLP
  7. Old Cut LongPointer

    Old Cut LongPointer Well-Known Member

    Great ! Well at least there won't be a big line up at the Unit ! LoL ! I'm guesiing all the blinds are classed as Walk-Ins ? A half dozen Mallard dekes and a stick of dynomite to blow a hole in the ice and I'm in business ? LoL !

    Just kidding ! I like my ice in a glass with some of that Scottish de-icing fluid from Islay ! Aye ! Liquid dy-no-mite !!!

    My brother says they won't let you shoot off Turkey Point beach anymore ? At least the Prov. Park area but what if you go east on the beach towards Normandale ? I don't recall reading anything about the Hahn Unit being off limits ? Suppose one could always do a float-shoot down Big Creek ?

    Oh well....the "Fat Lady" will be a singin come Sunday sundown.
  8. Jello

    Jello Well-Known Member

    Mallards and lake ducks along the lake shore. My last hunt was yesterday. Tough to hunt given that there was an ice flow all along to the right of me. And a couple ducks had enough life left to get into that flow before they died.... right where the dog can't get them. [:(!]

    Bluebills, buffies, and goldeneyes are on the menu today.

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