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hi Fish Farmer, have you ever been or do you have any knowledge of ice fishing at fifty point?
I see where you perch fish there in the fall derby.
Fish Farmer
Fish Farmer
I've only been down there once this year ice fishing, no luck. Thining is with 50, it's hit or miss.
Hi poconokid just reviewed my game meat thread ...seen your reply ; interested in some game meat...the offer is still here...I leave on friday..5th ......back home late on the 27th...according to your profile your in Innerkip...thats about 45 minute drive here to st.thomas
anyway ...think about good meat for the winter...thanks
Do you still have one . I am done work at 4pm i am in ingersoll. If so where can i pickup . Thanks Evan
Hello @rocket09.You mentioned to me once back at the Tackle Swap in February/17 about getting together to fish on Long Point Bay sometime.Were you going to fish the LPBAA Fall Pike Classic at all on October 7/17? If you were,and if you need a partner on your boat,I wouldn't mind fishing with you.Just a thought,and if I don't here from you by next Friday September 29/17,I am assuming that means No.
I put hornady superformce slugs through mine. They where the only ones i could get a good group with
Hey tom, how's it going?

The 4" moonshine spoons u are using are they copper back?? I could only see copper in the 3". Also are u using the regular or the RV model??? Think I'm going to order some to a buddies US mailbox.

It's been a crazy year down there, out 8 times full boat limits every time!! Started at leamington now fishing burwell. Out this morning, bit lumpy but the fish wer hungry!!

hey i know who is in the boat, but pretty sure hes native. can you send me the pic?