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I'll take your 12ga ammo if you haven't made a deal on it already....I'm in Brantford every day and can pick it up at your convenience.

Greg McAlpine
(519) 861-0825
if it is still available?l am in pt. bruce,can take it this weekend-cash!!!!,your best price!!!
Lol the motor or the mask
Monty : Can you shoot me some pics of the furniture before you head to the shop . I'm coming up there after lunch and would like to show the wife before we go . My email is markspietaels@gmail.com . See you Sat. Thanks magnum
monty smith
Sorry just got on computer don't know how to send pictures . Still have it my number is 519-759-7578 ,BEEN BUSY MOVEING IN NEW HOSE NOW.
Still have your Larson for sale? Any more pics available of cuddy? If still for sale - is a look see possible?

Hey Fish, I have a friend interested in the boat that you posted for a friend! Can you pass along a contact number or email? Jeff Brick - my email is jeffbrick66@gmail.com
Fish Farmer
Fish Farmer
He has a guy looking at it as we speak, Waiting for a deposit.
Heading up in September. Was up at Waterfalls Lodge in Spanish last year. First time for PAB. Appreciate the help
Hello; I was reading your post about PA Baril and was wondering if I could pick your brains about locations up there. We are heading up this fall and staying at Rock Pine Resort. Any info about rigging, bait or maps would be very helpful. Just message me when you might be online and I'll try to connect.
No problem. I'll put something together for you when I have some time. What month/week are you heading up this year? First time fall fishing in P.A.B.?
Hi. We are planning a trip to Pointe au Baril this year and I read that that you have access to a map of the area. We will be staying at Rock Pine Resort just south of PAB channel. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Were you fishing on Lake Lisgar this week. Thought I saw a truck with you decals on it.
OK, e-mail address changed to be your new gmail address. No others changes, including password, were made.
The Channel 6-8 site software is now reporting an error when sending to your old sympatico address. For example, if you tried to reset your password, the site would try to e-mail a reset message to your old sympatico address and an error would be generated. Do you want me to update you 6-8 profile with the gmail address you have provided?
Magnum 3
Yes . But Like I said , if your changing the password , keep it simple . Thanks