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will the ice be safe for the weekend?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by BASS-master-Gordon, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. BASS-master-Gordon

    BASS-master-Gordon Well-Known Member

    is anyone going to venture on foot out on the ice this friday or on the weekend? sunday looks good,-3, but friday and saturday might do some damage......

    fishing,for some a hobby, for most an addiction
  2. Johny2

    Johny2 Well-Known Member

    Was out at old cut today and seen a fisherman out about 80% of the way to ec 10 by walking! A little watery on top of ice today,a bunch of little billy perch today but tues the two of us managed 50 keepers with 5 big hogs.
  3. Fish Farmer

    Fish Farmer Well-Known Member

    I fished St.Williams yesterday and walked off about 5pm. ice was melting fast and Granger's was pulling his huts off. We had good 10" of black ice and water was gin clear.There is 2 pressure cracks, the first we had to walk east a long ways to go around and another out pasted the huts which a few guys took a chance crossing, not this cat, I didn't want to get wet:( With this warm weather, I think I'm staying on shore, could brake up if we get a good wind, you never know out there[?][xx(]
  4. quinner01

    quinner01 Well-Known Member

    Fish farmer, you didnt say whether you limited out on jumbos or not? How was it?

  5. Fish Farmer

    Fish Farmer Well-Known Member

    I caught 4 jumbos, 1 was 13 1/2" other 3 were 12" Lots of dinkers. 1 bonus Pike 30" and released. I brought home about 30 Perch, most 8to9". Was a nice day, didn't need the heater. Having Perch for super tonight.


    Tried my new Pack Shack, worked great but I don't know how it likes LPB wind. I don't know of a windier place in the world like LPB can get.
  6. trky chsr

    trky chsr Well-Known Member

    I've used a Pakshak for a couple of years now. Really like it! For the wind I installed 4 grommets (plastic ones)to the skirt and tied a short loop of parachute cord to and I use ice anchors to hold it before I flip it over. It actually handles the wind very well this way.

    This year I picked up a 2 man Clam Nanook. Tried it today with my son and it worked well also. TC
  7. Fish Farmer

    Fish Farmer Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip trky chsr, I'll pick some up. I have a Clam Guide and I find it to hard to pull in the snow. OK behind a ATV,or clean ice.

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