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well if it's going to be this cold

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by skinny, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. skinny

    skinny Well-Known Member

    let's have some Ice.
    i have the itch to fish. Even though I Jut got a new to me 12 1/2 ft rod to try more stream fishing (no luck yet) I can't wait to get on the ice.
    I have been trying to come up with some other ways of getting my stuff out on the ice as I curently drag and carry it all. I have been messing with ideas of some type of power assist. As I don't have any other real use for a quad or a snowmoblie so i think the added cost (insurance,plates,purchase)may not be worth owning such items.
    anyway let the water freeze

    FRANKIE Well-Known Member

    I hear you!!! If it is going to be this crappy, bring on the hardwater. Haven't been fishing in two and a half weeks, already starting to have withdrawal symptons:)
  3. Braggin Rights

    Braggin Rights Well-Known Member

    Frank I haven't been fishing in like 2 and a half months! so don't feel to bad buddy! haha And I work in the fishing industry!?!? I don't count 1 hour shore trips with Averie as a fishing day, but we did get out on the shore twice
  4. dickie

    dickie Active Member

    I haven"t gone fishing till the last time I icefished out of St Williams in Feb. Sure would be nice to try it before the year turns over, but I doubt there will be enough ice.

    Dick Saarloos
  5. wannafish

    wannafish New Member

    suck it up farmer dick
  6. dickie

    dickie Active Member

    Wannafish don't be such a nob.

    Dick Saarloos
  7. giller

    giller Well-Known Member

    next weeks temps might get someone out there looking around.

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