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Trespassers and theives

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by fishnhunt, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. fishnhunt

    fishnhunt Well-Known Member

    Lots of fishers are hunters just hoping to get lucky.....

    Had a homebrew camera out in the woods for the past three weeks went to
    retrieve the cam today and gone!!!

    This was a sony s600 with a simple sniper board and double 'D' back up power in
    a 3d camo 1040 pelican case with python cable lock.

    The trailcam was on private property where I have sole permission on the land.

    I know the chances of getting this camera back are nil but if anyone happens to hear
    of one for sale matching the description I would appreciate a pm or email to
    [email protected]

    I am in Elgin county SW Ontario.

  2. Stick

    Stick Well-Known Member

    Too bad you couldn't have hooked that camera up to 660 volts Rob, then at least the thief would have been good for something .........fertilizer.


    All I ask from livin' is to have no chains on me!

  3. scribe

    scribe Well-Known Member

    I had the sme experience today. Went to retrieve my trail camera off private land and it was gone. If anybody hears of a Bushnell Trophy Cam for sale that is practically new, I'd appreciate knowing. It was in Norfolk, near the Elgin border.
  4. quinner01

    quinner01 Well-Known Member

    I have come across a couple in the woods that look impossible to access if you even tried to mess around with them. Try to construct some sort of device to prevent people from getting at it, if at all possible. These days, you almost have too....

    Cant stand people like that, hopefully you catch them next time, wouldnt be suprised if they made another appearance and try taking something else.

  5. Braggin Rights

    Braggin Rights Well-Known Member

    They probably got their picture taken hunting on private property with your camera and figured they had better rip off the camera so they don't get busted! lol Good luck finding it - it's a shame that people do these things...

  6. naturenut

    naturenut Member

    I have been very lucky!!! I have two cams, lent one to a friend this fall and the other I have been putting on crown land, and it hasn't gotten stolen, I didn't put a cable lock on it or anything. I just considered it being stolen a risk I was gonna take for this first yr of using them. I have a pic of some hunter walking past it a few times, and some family that was out for a walk in the woods one weekend.. but never got stolen at all. Every time I went to get it I wondered if it would have been gone..but just got lucky I guess.. or not many ppl know about this crown land area.. only one parking spot kinda helps I guess? I would go and switch the memory card out once a week and be happy it wasnt stolen. I have a talco and a bushnell, LOVE the talco cuz of the black and white for night pics, but I lent it to a friend, then my bushnell got night pics that are almost hard to see the deer in.. wish it was infrared too! Sorry to hear about your cameras guys.
  7. fishstalker

    fishstalker Well-Known Member

    if it's there they will steal it! anything these days not nailed down gets stolen! I've worked in the justice sector for 30 years you wouldn't believe the thieves I've met. And remember, the dumb one's are the one's I see....they get caught!
  8. lovetrout

    lovetrout Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about that...really too bad. They are everywhere!! I would call the manufacturer and explain what happened, tell them you loved their product and ask for a discount to replace it. Remind them it is christmas or the holiday season!! That is what i would do, but then again I am dutch too!!!
  9. brownsugar

    brownsugar New Member

    Had the same thing happen to me, the theives stole our blind, propane heater and tank, chair and a wildview trailcam. It was in a bushlot between Tillsonburg and Otterville. It's pretty sad when you can't nothing out. been checking local pawn shops.
    I wish I would have been in the blind when they stole our hunting equipment
  10. Amarok

    Amarok Member

    I have used a trail cam all of this year and have always feared it being gone when I went for the retrieval. It is frustrating that this happens so frequently on private lands. It makes one wonder just how many people are wandering around on private land and just how many blinds, cameras, stands and extra deer are harvested each year. This stuff is not cheap either,and unfortunately there is always someone on kijiji or the like who is thrilled with the deal that he is getting and ignorant (sometimes intentionally I am sure) of the item's origins.

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