Tonights local perch


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Went out for 1 1/2 hours after work. Perch in 30 ft water. Were throwing back fish under 10".
got a few good feeds....oh ya...any guesses on when they stopped making stubbies?????

Guessing 5-6 lbs of fillet!!!! Before you ask...yes...I am going to eat it all and smile!!!


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Nice bag of fish. I wouldn't worry about eating perch they don't retain heavy metals like salmonoids do prolly not 100% safe but nothing is these days.



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My guess when the stubby beer bottles went the way of the dodo bird is...1982.I think the stub bots were safer in a tavern, cause ya cant ho
ld em an swing.... like the long neck bottles.

The perch look good and strong no marks on em.
Dont forget the perch are a fishermans friend all year round.