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the hut is out on the ice

bass fisherman

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Friday my cousin and I took my hut down to old cut. fished for a hour or so one right off the get go then well you can guess the rest.
anyway had to do a furnace change out on Saturday. Was going to go down today but the bearing is shot on the trailer.Tried a bearing kit to fix it but wooden`t yea know there a tad to small!! so I guess I`ll go to J&E Bearing tomorrow and see if I can get something that will work.

Now there calling for a large snow storm starting maybe Tue. with 30 km
winds:( Man I just want to got fishing [B)]

oh well I`ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that maybe some day I`ll make back to see if the hut is still there :p

well enough of my #$#@@@ ING
Stay safe and good fishing