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Thanks to the folks at Rotten Ronnies

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by Rob V, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Rob V

    Rob V Well-Known Member

    Just a quick thank you to Jim & Stef Carroll at Rotton ronnies. Saturday I made the trip down from London to winterize my boat where it's stored just outside port rowan. I brought everything i needed - or so i thought until i got there. Forgot the pump to change my lower end oil. no body in port rowan has one, all the marinas in long point are closed and I'm 30 miles from the nearest crappie tire. So i thought i'd take a stab at rotten ronnies. "nope... sorry, sold out until spring...BUT you can borrow mine if you want". What great folks. I got my motor winterized and thanks to Jim/Stef saved myself a lot of grief.

    thanks very much !
  2. Goose Egg

    Goose Egg Well-Known Member

    not one bit surprised
  3. stevieboy

    stevieboy Member

    Always remember that when its time for a new lure,reel,pole,etc.i buy all my gear there.if he doesnt have it,he will get it!!

    steve 8D
  4. Rob V

    Rob V Well-Known Member


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