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sunday out of the old cut

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by smokey1, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. smokey1

    smokey1 Well-Known Member

    Took my daughter out for the first time this year and did much better than the skunk last time. Great weather and the fishing was not to bad, found a few larger ones by ec10 but the biggest was found just before all the huts in 3 feet. Also had a pike on for 30 seconds of fun but it spit my hook before i could ice it.
    All in all a great day to take her fishing. Jigging is the key.
  2. Walleye

    Walleye Well-Known Member

    Hi all.
    That sink picture looks just like the one I posted last year?? :)
    Good for you and thanks for the report.
    Cheers, Clark
  3. jumbos

    jumbos Well-Known Member

    Nice fishing!!!.....How's that pail work for ya, wonder if I make one with "jumbos" on it, if that's what I would get;), worth a try I think...lol

    Brian (Legend Man)

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