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St. Willies Jan 09

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by Jason B, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Jason B

    Jason B Member

    Hiked all the way out to the pack of huts and wasn't dissapointed. Caught over 100 keeping 30. A few were monsters. Non stop action from 8-10am and then it slowed down.
  2. bud

    bud Member

    How far are the huts out & how thick is ice Thanks for reply
  3. Huron

    Huron Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing a good day Jason B. If you or anyone goes out again could you please post a picture of the shoreline looking inward towards Grangers and Shermans and of the cluster of huts owned by guys that are parked just off shore. I cant make it out there for another week (babysitting grandchildren with wifie) As well as an amatuer fisherman I'm an amatuer photographer and like looking at the unique huts guys have. Thanksyou anyone going out. Huron.
  4. Red Hering

    Red Hering Well-Known Member

    Jason B,Thank-You also for sharing your day of Fishing,nice catch by the way;)even though it was short & sweet.(Non stop action from 8-10am).I would of been there also on the hard water,but I already had made plans to attend an OFAH Zone J Quarterly Membership Meeting yesterday(January 9/11)at the Tavistock and District Rod & Gun Club.(www.tdrgc.com),I have never been to this Club before,and I had a chance to meet up again with some of the members of the OFAH.The day was quite informative,with some interesting speakers that were there.I am looking forward to trying my luck for the first time through the week on the hard water season,finally it looks like it is safe enough again to go out,after that melt down we had not too long ago.Play Safe everyone.Tight Lines & Sharp Hooks.8D

  5. Jwalsh

    Jwalsh Well-Known Member

    Nice Catch! Sounds like we got out there a little to late on Sunday. We only got one jumbo on sunday...was pretty slow most of the day with small schools of small fish once every hour or so. We were out Saturday as well in the pack of huts...did a little better with 6 jumbos and much more small ones to throw back. Hopefully this cold weather makes the ice thicker throughout the remainder of the bay so we are free to move around a little more next weekend.
    Heres a photo of my buddy with one of the jumbos we caught.
  6. quinner01

    quinner01 Well-Known Member

    How much ice was there? Thanks

  7. Jwalsh

    Jwalsh Well-Known Member

    There was 8" of good ice in front of Fin & Feather marina to the East of Booths where all the huts are right now...I did venture over the pressure crack to the newly formed ice...drilled a quick hole and found 3" of ice...I quickly went back to the thick stuff lol.

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