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St. Williams Saturday

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by dboy, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. dboy

    dboy New Member

    Tried to outsmart the perch and start early Saturday... no such luck. A few pike cruising by but not striking. Didn't see a perch. Both the Ministry and the OPP were out early in the afternoon, so be extra safe out there.

    Went out with Sherman's and I will say I was very impressed with the good service. I would have no hesitation in getting a hut from them again.

    The general reports were of a few scattered fish... I will have to come up with a new strategy.
  2. Fisher Price

    Fisher Price Well-Known Member

    Hey dboy,

    We fisheed the same area but a little further south yesterday. The bite turned on for a short period around noon but as they day went on the bite went dead.

    The fish are there, they just don't seem to have an appitite....

    Maybe they will be hungry next week??

    Thanks to Grangers as well for showing us the way out with a safe crossing over the building pressure crack.


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