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st. williams mon. morning

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by ace, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. ace

    ace Member

    Braved the wind for four hrs. this morning. 1 keeper between 2 guys. Good to get out. Grangers were lining the huts up to take out on tues. Ice was about 6".
  2. Jason B

    Jason B Member

    I went out of the old cut 7.15am-11am. 4 keepers caught, decent size pike swam by. That wind was crazy.
  3. Red Hering

    Red Hering Well-Known Member

    It sounds like a slow morning of fishing,but at least you fellows gave it a go,just getting out is what it is all about sometimes:)Winds can definetly be nasty out on that open ice.I am planning on going Fishing through the week.Thank-You for the update,it is much appreciated.;)

  4. Huron

    Huron Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting conditions guys. Try to get a picture or two with the huts out for us not close by. Thanks again Huron.
  5. Jason B

    Jason B Member

    This pic says it all about this morning.WINDY
  6. Huron

    Huron Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's what I call response! Thanks Jason B. Huron
  7. nitecrawler

    nitecrawler Member

    I was out about 9 this morn. 27th the the beter half got one small one in about 2 hours at the first pressure crack. good day out.
  8. Ogre

    Ogre Member

    Out of the old cut today caught thirty fish the largest one approx 8 in water was clear . Good day to get out!
  9. giller

    giller Well-Known Member

    fished monday caught 7 fish all put backs, wind was a real pain checked LPB weather on weather network sshowed 43 klom winds

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