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St. Williams Firefighters Perch Derby

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by Bino, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Bino

    Bino Member

    GET YOUR TICKETS! for the St. Williams Firefighter's1st Annual PERCH FISHING DERBY
    Sunday Feb. 6 2011

    1st prize $150
    2nd prize $100
    3rd prize $50

    WEIGH IN @ St. Williams Community Centre 12pm - 5pm

    3pm draw - Lake Erie Bait and Tackle Fishing Charter

    Get your tickets from any St. Williams Firefighter or Pine Needle Gas station HWY 24 and Forestry Farm RD

    $10 per ticket

    St. Williams Firefighters 1st Annual Perch Fishing Derby Rules
    Lake Erie, St. Williams, ON

    The 2011 perch fishing derby will be held on Sunday February 6th, from 12pm to 5pm

    St. Williams Community Centre

    Prize Fish Classifications:
    ”Eligible Fish”: Any PERCH caught in the Inner Lake Erie Bay

    All fishing contestants must abide by the Province of Ontario Fishing Laws and any special rules announced by the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship organizers
    Anglers are encouraged to live-release any fish they suspect will not be a winning fish contender, or is not being caught for personal food consumption

    Contestants are responsible for their own safety, actions and property at all times.
    The St. Williams Fire Department is not liable for any injury or loss of life or property due to thin ice or any other hazards that may exist. By entering you accept responsibility for your own safety and knowledge of your surroundings.

    Registration and Prize Claims:
    All members of fishing party must be registered with their own derby ticket
    To claim prizes, winners must have positive ID, derby ticket & fishing license
    Derby judges have final approval of registered fish & reserve the absolute right to inspect, dissect or exclude any fish
    Winners are determined by the total weight of a maximum of three perch for each cash prize
    Cash prizes are as follows:
    1st prize: $150 2nd prize: $100 3rd prize: $50
    The contestants must be present at the St. Williams Community Center to receive their cash prize, or if unable to be present will be contacted via telephone all winners will be posted in the Lake Shore Shopper
    Many door prizes donated by local community businesses and individuals will be dispersed at the community centre from 12pm - 5pm
    Snacks and beverages will be available for your enjoyment
    Ticket Draw:
    The Chartered Fishing boat from Lake Erie Bait & Tackle will be raffled off @ 3pm
    The winner will be contacted via telephone, or if present informed at the community centre once the draw is complete
    The entry fee of tournament is included in the price of the ticket
    If unsafe ice conditions cause Derby cancellation, entrants will still be entered to win the chartered boat drum raffle
    There will be no refund of any kind

    The St. Williams Firefighter's thank you for all your support. Feel free to contact any local firefighter for more information
  2. binkley

    binkley Well-Known Member

    what is the price for a ticket??

    keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
  3. SRT8

    SRT8 Well-Known Member

    Yeah we need ticket price and I will post on another site and spread the word as much as I can.

  4. Bino

    Bino Member

    Ticket prices are 10 dollars. You can also call me for more @ 5197183199
  5. smokey1

    smokey1 Well-Known Member

    could you explain more on what prizes will be awarded for?
    eg, one perch or combination off ,dead or alive lol
    thank you
  6. Bino

    Bino Member

    Hello prices are 10$ a ticket
    Thanks for all your support from the St.Williams Fire Departement

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