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pressure cracks?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by ch312, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. ch312

    ch312 Well-Known Member

    just wondering if there are currently any pressure cracks in the bay and if they can be crossed with an atv towing a hut. might have to bring some planks with me :D
  2. wetfootwilly

    wetfootwilly Well-Known Member

    We've been out of old cut towards ec 10 as well as north west of bait island. there are no raised pressure cracks that we've seen. We are towing a 4 man wood hut. Quite abit of snow on the ice though. Chains on tires will help.
  3. Fisher Price

    Fisher Price Well-Known Member

    There is a fair size pressure crack running parallel with the north shore of the bay. It is only 1/2 of a km out of St. Williams. It was a little ugly on Thursday comming back in as it had opened up a bit. I am sure if we spent the time looking for a better crossing we would have found it. Nothing really to be worried about.

  4. ch312

    ch312 Well-Known Member

    looks like we're good to go for tuesday or wednesday. thanks for the very helpful info :D
  5. SRT8

    SRT8 Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by ch312

    looks like we're good to go for tuesday or wednesday. thanks for the very helpful info :D

    May want to rethink that, supposed "40 year" storm on it's way for tuesday,wednesday with 30+cm's of snow and the + could be a lot depending on the track of the storm also calling for strong east winds won't be pretty out there.

    I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
  6. Argo Nut

    Argo Nut Member

    We fished an area out off Booths at the pressure Crack. No fish and open water. There was one opening that was 2ft across and wide open. Another had a thin film of ice and snow and only a slight depression to indicate it was there. Be very careful around the edge of the cracks. Follow the outfitters lead and cross on the plywood sheets that they have out, and no worries…

    ArgO NuT

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