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Prayers needed for a good friend and fisherman

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by scrimmy, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. scrimmy

    scrimmy Well-Known Member

    Well after retiring from the federal Gov. 3 years ago my good friend Brian's wife(Carey) gave me a bad phone call. Brian has been diagnosed with not 1 but 3 types of Cancer. Lung, Kidney and Bone Cancer. All are stage 4 cancers. Since these are the exact types that took my Father I do not hold out much hope for Brian. I just hope he goes quick and does not suffer a long and very painfull ending like my Dad did. Please say a prayer or 2 for my good buddy Brian. I have known Brian for many years and had the privilege of coaching his son Andrew in competitive Hockey for years. In all my years of coaching I have never seen anyone check as clean and as hard as Andy did.
  2. fishin fool

    fishin fool Well-Known Member

    Scrimmy ,I have said a prayer and I know exactly how you are feeling

    John R

    FRANKIE Well-Known Member

    Prayers sent!!
  4. packrat

    packrat Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by FRANKIE

    Prayers sent!!

    What he said

  5. triggerfish

    triggerfish Well-Known Member

    prayers sent.
  6. SRT8

    SRT8 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to here of your buddy's condition. I hate this disease It's taken my father both my grandfathers and 3 uncle's and my aunt has breast cancer and my grandmother has liver cancer right now , I pray he goes peacefully with his family .

    I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
  7. Stick

    Stick Well-Known Member

    If it has to be.... I pray for a swift and peaceful end for your friend Scrimmy.

    Watched my father fade at the age of 17 and don't wish that on any but my worst enemy. Now my mom is in the same place in her life at 81. All we can pray for is an ending that is swift and as painless as possible.

    "Five to one and one in five. No one here gets out alive."
    Jim Morrison, The Doors


  8. blackdog

    blackdog Well-Known Member Site Sponsor

    My wife and I will have your friend in our prayers
  9. Bent Pole

    Bent Pole Well-Known Member

    Prayers sent and peace be with your friend Brian


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