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Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by Hades99ca, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Hades99ca

    Hades99ca New Member

    hey dose anyone know a good area of the bay to do some ice fishing for pike and what to use?
  2. brave1s

    brave1s Member

    they were all over the inner bay last year. saw many but didnt ice any ???

    i get all my exercise..pushing my luck!!...Alex Van.
  3. Jwalsh

    Jwalsh Well-Known Member

    If you can find the perch, the pike are usually in the area too. Jig with spoons or dead stick with a "tip up" with sucker minnow or a small perch on a large treble hook and steel leader.
  4. wisherman

    wisherman Member

    hey there jwalsh you mentioned using a small perch for bait to catch pike I dont think that is a good practice I always thougt you could not use game fish for bait? let me know If I,m missing something!!
  5. Jwalsh

    Jwalsh Well-Known Member

    Thats just something my Aunt taught me when I was a kid, we used to do it off the dock in the summer. I usually only use a perch if it is gut hooked and wasnt going to make it...I usually try and get suckers from the streams or if I get a big shinner with my scoop I use that too.
  6. G.Mech

    G.Mech Well-Known Member

    It won't take long before all the game warden wanna-be's weigh in on this one.....:D
  7. Get R Done

    Get R Done Member

    Awww ya the perch thing for bait isnt a good idea read page 10 of your 2011 ontario fishing regs. theres a nice little paragraph and a list underneath pointing out all the species of leagle bait fish in ontario just remember u can not transport them around so check them if you are travelling to another little hot spot u may have hate to see anyone get busted out there

    point is u can not use live yellow perch for bait anywhere in ontario
    next question can u use a dead yeallow perch ???? this i could not find
    i know i have heard the use of a perch eye befor ( after it has died of course)

    Get R Done!! on the water or in the blind

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