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Perch - Pt Bruce or Long Point

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by bkerr, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. bkerr

    bkerr Member

    My boys have the day off school on Friday for a PA Day, so I am going to take one too. Where are the perch hitting now, Port Bruce or the inner bay, or am I better off to bundle them up and all of us go sit in my biggest treestand for the day?
  2. Jimmy Riggin

    Jimmy Riggin Well-Known Member

    The perchin in the bay is still good in 6' of water in front of little rice as for Bruce I have not head anything for down there.

    Jimmy Carroll
    Jimmy Riggin' Fishing Charters
    [email protected]
  3. LuvPerch

    LuvPerch Well-Known Member

    Three of us was out yesterday at Long Point Bay in straight East wind in 4 feet of water in mostly sandy bottom with small patches of weeds which was very unusual. 107 keepers, 8" to 11", perfect for eating with most averaging 10". The funny part about this was the bigger ones were only off the right side of the boat via casting 4-6 feet out. There was a small weed bed down under and that's where they were hiding and certainly was not shy in gulping up our minnows. What super time we had, nonstop biting for 3 hours, then it stopped, stayed another hour and left. Definitely the best catch in size and in that short of a time we've ever experienced at the bay!

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